EEMA’s WE CARE launches its new re-energized identity and initiatives

Industry Watch | April 19, 2023 | News

EEMA Samit Garg Brian Tellis Sabbas Joseph Sanjoy Roy

EEMA hosted an exciting online event WE CARE on April 14 for the event fraternity and launched the new visual identity and re-energise this important initiative.

WE CARE took centerstage as the mentor body comprising Samit Garg, Brian Tellis, Sabbas Joseph, Sanjoy Roy & Roshan Abbas showed their support with their presence on the panel. It was a heartwarming moment to capture all the stalwarts who have contributed as Presidents of EEMA for over a decade in one frame.

The newly instituted committee comprises Sushma Gaikwad who has taken on the responsibility as the Chairperson of WE CARE and committee members, Manika Garg, Chetan Vohra and Sapna Subramanium. They were joined by Brian Tellis and Sanjoy Roy who are on the panel as advisors.

Samit Garg, President, EEMA said, “As an industry, we have a responsibility to address these issues, to create a workplace that is safe and equitable for all. Today, we are set to re-calibrate WE CARE with a new logo and a new theme. This effort of recalibration reflects our commitment to refreshing and revitalizing our efforts to address these crucial issues.”

He also shared his perspective about the importance of WE CARE as an initiative to address various critical issues that affect gender equality, safe space creation, mental and emotional conditions.

Brian Tellis said, “It is important to be mindful, tolerant and respectful of each other and extended his unflinching support to the WE CARE as an advisor to the WE CARE committee.”

Sabbas Joseph shared his contentment with the fact that WE CARE was expanding the platform to being one of Inclusivity and yet being sensitive to the need of the Women in the industry. He emphasized on the need for Safety and support in the industry. 

Sanjoy Roy emphasized the importance to be conscious of disability and being an industry that is truly inclusive which includes the need to provide attention, access and opportunities to the physically impaired. Moreover he highlighted the growing need to address mental and emotional issues which are getting prevalent.

Roshan Abbas stated that WE CARE has always been a call away for any challenge being faced by the fraternity especially during the pandemic when WE CARE played an important role in enabling the industry with financial aid, emotional & mental support. Roshan communicated his confidence in the agenda of WE CARE and supported the need for Inclusivity in the industry. He highlighted the importance on focusing on the word CARE in all areas which include safety of people, safety at events as well as consideration and respect.

The interactive session continued where participants shared their perspective on various issues, challenges and possible solutions. The interactive exercise was conducted to evoke responses that would enable the WE CARE committee to devise a meaningful strategy and relevant initiatives based on the feedback received from the attendees present at the event.

The event was evocative, insightful, interactive and extremely meaningful.

The Visual Identity was launched on-line with much fanfare by the panel that stood in solidarity with the vision of WE CARE.

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