Gagan Takyar, Aarti Manocha and Saurav Takyar Collaborate to Launch Team Tandem in Dubai

Industry Watch | April 18, 2023 | Interview

Gagan Takyar Aarti Manocha Saurav Takyar Team Tandem

Leading event planners Gagan Takyar, Aarti Manocha and Saurav Takyar have recently come together to launch their new venture ‘Team Tandem', a B2B company based in Dubai. It is a diversely experienced and multi-skilled firm with a distinct approach that serves clients with efficient solutions. 

The brand is a culmination of experiences, ideas and stories of three very diverse individuals. Team Tandem's vision is to collaborate and serve as the on-the-ground team for their peers and industry partners in managing their project requirements in the Middle East.

While Talking to EVENTFAQS Media about the venture, Gagan Takyar said, "Team Tandem is an extremely efficient team of individuals who work in sync with the client teams to ensure high quality experiences for clients. Our approach is simple and concise. To work in Tandem with our clients leading to an enhanced experience for the customers." 

"We were successful in achieving just that, in a recent event which was planned and executed for an agency that flew in with 800plus  pax from India. 5 mega events in 4 brilliant locations across Dubai, with unforgettable highlights made it a superlative event for everyone who attended and even for everyone who worked on it" he added. 

Sharing information on Team Tandem's forthcoming projects Gagan Takyar, commented, "We have a few upcoming corporate projects with agencies from India. Definitely looking forward to those. We are also producing our first music concert in Dubai for a local promoter. It’s Gurdas Maan live that will happen on 3rd June at The World Trade Center. Many more to come on both those avenues." 

While talking to EVENTFAQS Media regarding the launch of Team Tandem, Aarti Manocha said, “I always wanted to work on a B2B model for the Middle East. Given my past experience of developing B2B networks when I was in the travel industry enabled me to work towards a similar model of B2B in the events space too. Also, the demand of business today is compelling for all in the industry to think of working and expanding through collaborations and outsourcing. When I exchanged my thoughts with Gagan and Saurav over coffee, it aligned with their vision of doing something on similar lines in UAE. We developed it further over a few meetings and here we are!”

Sharing some insights into the roles each of the founders would play in establishing and growing Team Tandem she added, “Gagan clearly takes lead in the day to day operations and business development of TT. As I wear two hats with Milestones to Memories (MtoM) being my prime focus. My role in TT is to oversee the sales and marketing team and assist the team with bringing in the right resources as and when needed. Saurav is the execution man and he plays the pivotal role of vendor management, project management from start to finish with his very able team.”

In a conversation with EVENTFAQS Media, Saurav Takyar explained how launching Team Tandem in Dubai can benefit them. He added, "In my experience of running a production management company based out of India, and working across the globe, I have realised that the GCC is an extremely large geography which is very under serviced as far as B2B agencies are concerned. This was something that we experienced and observed for a while. Launching Team Tandem in Dubai helps us bridge that gap. It will help Indian agencies get the most required comfort and much needed cost clarity."

On being asked about his expections, Saurav Takyar said, "My expectation in the first year is to continue building trust and operational comfort with existing clients and the new ones coming our way. I am looking forward to working on production of large scale events that this country has history of showcasing."

Services offered by Team Tandem includes Project Management, Vendor Recommendation and Selection, Production Planning, Production Execution, Stage Management, Artist Management, Show Running and Design Support. 

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‘Team Tandem' is a diversely experienced and multi-skilled B2B company with a distinct approach that serves clients with efficient solutions.

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