BookMyShow Stream inks a patnership with VROTT Studios

Industry Watch | April 13, 2023 | News

BookMyShow Stream VROTT Studios

To cater to India’s multilingual and diverse audience and expand the horizon of content consumption though quality and premium additions to India’s watch-list, BookMyShow Stream, from the house of BookMyShow has partnered with VROTT, a subscription-based streaming platform, to offer its most entertaining global titles dubbed in these native languages on the platform.

Through the partnership, consumers on BookMyShow and BookMyShow Stream will get first access to VROTT’s coveted, premium movies and TV-series in foreign languages that have witnessed high interest levels across the globe, now available in India, dubbed in native languages on the platform.

Ashish Saksena, COO - Cinemas, BookMyShow said, “Over the past few years, cinephiles are becoming highly content-focussed and language-agnostic, increasingly opting for international content whether subtitled or dubbed and available in local languages. The appetite and palate of the Indian consumer has grown and evolved to encompass global content across various genres, blurring geographies significantly. High-quality storytelling and production has been the holy grail of content that is most sought-after and garners highest interest levels always. At BookMyShow Stream, our focus has been on bridging this gap of availability of global content in India in a manner and format of convenience for the user, offering the choice of paying for exactly what one wants to watch, when he/she wants to watch it. Through our partnership with VROTT, we are delighted to widen our global content slate further to include intriguing international titles and make them available in native languages for a diverse and multilingual Indian audience. We continue to strive to deliver an unparalleled content viewing experience, elevating the standard of entertainment in India to new heights and enhance the TVOD experience for people across the country.”

Manish Dutt, Founder, VROTT and VR Films and Studios said, “With regional internet penetration growing at over 50 percent, localization of content and OTT apps are going to play a key role in maximizing content investments. All eyes will be on regional content to capture the next 100 million VoD subscribers. VROTT will focus to capture the emerging interior B & C markets by adding Malayalam, Kannada, Bangla, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi languages as well.  Our partnership with BookMyShow Stream will help achieve the target and this partnership would help VROTT in extending its consumer base to TVOD market along with the SVOD market as well.”

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This partnership will cater to India’s multilingual and diverse audience through content in original foreign languages as also dubbed in native languages.

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