The key is to always keep evolving says Shashank Gupta of TailorMade Experiences

Weddings | March 15, 2023 | Interview

Shashank Gupta TailorMade Experiences

With a team that’s crafted out of dreamers and curators who visualize, plan and help design moments of celebrations, TailorMade Experiences customizes every detail to suit your individual tastes. Leveraging their network and global reach, the team associates with the best in class partners to help to take informed decisions and accordingly curate every moment that becomes a relatable, memorable and unique celebration.

In an exclusive interview with EVENTFAQS Media, Shashank Gupta, Co-Founder & Chief Dreamer, TailorMade Experiences shares insights about the company vision, upcoming wedding season and more.

Tell us something about Tailormade Weddings. What are your vision and future plans?

TailorMade Experiences, like the names suggests, consists of a bunch of Dreamers & Curators who love to align ideas and experiences to your aspirations and expectations towards creating an Immersive Experience!

The team follows an organic approach towards understanding the persona of the family and the vibe of the guests and accordingly creating awe inspiring experiences, TailorMade for them. Started in 2017, currently we have 3 offices – Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

Our collective experience of doing events for the last 20 years has helped us create a more process oriented approach towards trying to TailorMake celebrations for our clients and we pride ourselves in being able to put a method to this madness!

The intent always is to keep on doing innovations in terms of the process (followed during the Planning process) and in terms of the experience (followed towards creating the execution stage).

How do you go about with the conceptualization of the wedding and planning after you receive the mandate and brief from the client? What new are Tailormade bringing for the upcoming wedding season?

From trying to find out the minutest of the details from the family and using these towards TailorMaking every aspect of the wedding experience is what our endeavour always has been.

We have certain questionnaires that we ask the family and the bride and groom to fill up post we have won the pitch or been given the mandate which helps us extract the brief in a fashion that can be filtered towards TailorMaking the Celebrations.

Stay tuned for seeing what new things will be coming in 2023.

The wedding decor industry is very dynamic and thrives on innovation. How do you keep the enthusiasm and inventiveness alive?

-Never say no to ideas.

-Design and idea inspiration can come from anywhere and anyone.

-You never know if that texture you saw on a wall curtain or the design panel you saw at an airport might help you create a new design and might create the next Visual Delight!

-Innovation is extremely important - one needs to constantly research on Tech and on materials and never tie oneself with a type of thought or the usage.

The key is to always keep evolving.

What are some wedding and event trends to look out for in 2023?

Sustainability will be big - how to ensure we are more responsible towards curating our celebrations. How to source and use more naturally and locally available things.

Tech integrations in Weddings is definitely going to be a game changer.

In my head, we as an agency and as a team are also trying to ensure we learn more about the FnB curation for clients to ensure the Food & Beverage for the Weddings / Celebration is also TailorMade as much as possible.

Personalising Experience for the guest at every touch point is becoming more relevant to the host

Localised Design is going to be more in demand.

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In an exclusive interview with EVENTFAQS Media, Shashank Gupta, Co - Founder & Chief Dreamer, TailorMade Experiences shares insights about the company vision, upcoming wedding season and more.

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