Industry has been anticipating support from the govt for better infrastructure & lower GST: Razdan

Industry Watch | February 13, 2023 | Interview

Kumar Razdan Nesco

With over 20 years in the field, Kumar Razdan, VP - Events, Nesco, has a proven track record as a producer, business development professional, and marketer. He is known for his innovative ideas, excellent communication skills, and ethical approach to business.

At Nesco, Razdan is responsible for managing the company's IPs and key collaborations in the live entertainment space. He is working to establish Nesco as the preferred venue for hosting world-class events and to elevate the company's brand positioning. 

In an exclusive interview with EVENTFAQS Media Kumar Razdan, VP - Events, Nesco shares his thoughts on changing landscapes of on-ground events, upcoming events at Nesco and more..

Tell us about your views on the changing landscapes of on-ground events and the future of it in India post the announcement of Union Budget 2023-24?

The latest union budget presented by the government showcases its commitment to promoting progress and development in the country by focusing on three crucial areas: youth, green growth, and taxation. The government has made significant investments and implemented initiatives in each of these areas to ensure the country's future success.

The event industry, in particular, has been anticipating support from the government, especially in the form of better infrastructure for live entertainment and lower GST. The event industry is a significant contributor to the economy and employs a large number of people, so the government's support in this area is expected to have a positive impact on the industry and the wider economy. Additionally, the government's initiatives turned into events are expected to provide a platform for the industry to showcase its potential and bring new opportunities for growth and development.

According to you, how do marketing campaigns help to promote events?

Marketing campaigns play a crucial role in promoting events by creating awareness and interest among target audiences. Through effective marketing, event organizers can communicate the key features and benefits of their event, as well as attract and engage a wider audience. The following are some ways marketing campaigns help to promote events:

1.Reach: Marketing campaigns can reach a wide audience, including potential attendees, media, and influencers, and create awareness about the event.

2.Branding: Marketing campaigns can help build the event brand, establish its identity, and differentiate it from other events.

3.Awareness: Marketing campaigns can help create buzz and excitement around the event, as well as drive ticket sales and attendance.

4.Targeting: Marketing campaigns can be designed to target specific audiences, such as demographics, interests, and geographic regions, to maximize impact and engagement.

5.Engagement: Marketing campaigns can create opportunities for attendees to engage with the event, such as through social media, contests, and other interactive experiences.

6.Measurable Results: Effective marketing campaigns can be tracked and measured, providing event organizers with valuable data and insights to refine and improve their marketing strategies.

In conclusion, marketing campaigns play a vital role in promoting events and helping organizers reach and engage with their target audiences.

What keeps the people still on their feet for live events?

There are several factors that keep people on their feet during live events, including:

1.Excitement and energy: Live events often have a unique energy and excitement that draws people in and keeps them engaged. The atmosphere and experience of being at a live event are often unmatched compared to watching from home.

2.Interaction and engagement: Live events often provide opportunities for attendees to engage with the performers, other attendees, and the event itself. This sense of connection and interaction can help keep people engaged and invested in the experience.

3.Sense of community: Live events often bring people together around a shared experience or interest. The sense of community and shared connection can help keep people engaged and interested in the event.

4.Unique experiences: Live events often offer unique experiences and moments that can only be enjoyed in person. Whether it's a special performance, a unique light show, or a chance to meet the performers, these unique experiences can help keep people engaged and invested in the event.

5.Emotional connection: Live events can create emotional connections between the performers and the audience. This emotional connection can help keep people engaged and invested in the event.

6.Surprises and unpredictability: Live events often have an element of unpredictability and the potential for surprises, which can keep people engaged and on the edge of their seats. 

To conclude, live events offer a unique and dynamic experience that can keep people on their feet and engaged. The combination of excitement, interaction, community, unique experiences, emotional connection, and unpredictability all contribute to making live events a powerful and captivating experience.

Tell us about the upcoming events at Nesco?

Nesco is being transformed as a venue for entertainment events. At nesco, we are pushing ourselves to develop events that bring people together to remember memories and experiences. A few events in the pipeline:

  • World of education Expo 2023
  • Rangilo Re Dandiya Oct 23
  • India Auto Car Show Aug 23
  • Paddy Fields 2.0 ( Q3/ Q4)

Aside from these own IPs, NE would be collaborating with some of the city's biggest events for HOLI, NYE, and other international shows and concert’s.

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With over 20 years in the field, Kumar Razdan, VP - Events, Nesco, has a proven track record as a producer, business development professional, and marketer.

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