Anish Mehta announces the launch of ‘Animeta’; an AI-based self-service creator tech platform

Industry Watch | February 9, 2023 | News

Anish Mehta Animeta

Anish Mehta, the former CEO of Asian animation studio Cosmos-Maya, announced the launch of his new venture, Animeta, an AI-based self-service creator tech platform, aimed at creating and nurturing the untapped potential of the Asian digital-creator economy, through financial and analytical support. 

Animeta is a Singapore-based Creator Tech company focused on creating & nurturing digital creators by helping them grow their communities & maximize their earnings across multiple social media platforms & customized brand solutions through the proprietary Animeta AI-based Self-Service Creator Tech platform.

The company offers Financial Investment, Data Analytics & Business Intelligence, Content Strategy & Creative Supervision, Brand, PR & Social Media Expertise in addition with data driven, result oriented & authentic brand campaigns to content creators. 

Anish Mehta, Founder, Animeta said, "India alone has around 755 million social media users and about 80 million content creators, of which less than 0.2% are able to monetize their content. Animeta aims to bridge this gap through its creator tech platform & be the enabler who empowers a vast majority of creators by increasing their monetization potential in order to bring about a meaningful change in their lives.”

Animeta’s founding investors include Rajesh Kamat, the Managing Director of KKR’s Asian Media & Entertainment Platform, Emerald Media, and Sameer Manchanda, a serial Media Entrepreneur. 

Rajesh Kamat, Managing Director, KKR’s Asian Media & Entertainment Platform said, “In the last few years, we’ve seen a shift that has put the spotlight on smart, commercially savvy content creators who’ve emerged as businesses to reckon with by themselves. Today, the global creator economy is worth more than a 100 billion USD on the back of social media users who've grown to an approximate of 5 billion in 2023 alone. While the user base continues to increase rapidly, the revenues are estimated to increase at a staggering CAGR of 35% through 2024. I am excited to back Anish & his team on this journey.” 

Sameer Manchanda, Media Entrepreneur said, “I am a true believer of content playing a very important role in today’s digital world. I am confident that Animeta will be a game changer for content creators and bring about the scalable transformation which is essential for the Indian creator economy.”

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Animeta aimes at creating and nurturing the untapped potential of the Asian digital-creator economy, through financial and analytical support.

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