Fairy Tale Weddings by Razzmatazz Events manages VVIP Wedding with 20K+ attendees in Kerala

Weddings | February 3, 2023 | News

Fairy Tale Weddings Razzmatazz Events

Fairy Tale Weddings, a division of Razzmatazz Events recently managed and executed a top class VVIP wedding of Ramit Chennithala, son of former opposition leader of Kerala and the congress party leader Ramesh Chennithala with Junita Maiyam John, daughter of  John Koshy held at the Girideepam Convention Centre in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.  

It was an event that more than 20,000 people participated and enjoyed every moment of the function.  Managing a top class VVIP wedding is something which is very special and specific.  There has to be zero errors when you manage such a populous wedding engaging both VVIP, VIP and MIP personalities with the general public to wish the Bride and Groom on the same platform without any interruption or dismay to any participated in the event.

Hassle-free crowd management, celebrity management, parking management, transportation management, food and dining management, people engagement, digital engagement and delivery and more are some of the features was showcased by the team of Fairy Tale Weddings.  The team had to park 3000+ cars, feed Kerala traditional Sadya for 20,000+ crowd along with it engage the crowd in the photography and deliver the photo to their personal phone numbers are some of the successful achievements of the event.  

With the cumulative strength of almost 600 team members, working tirelessly made an impossible task to possible one and made the client as well as the participating people happy. 

Martin Emmanuel, Managing Director, Fairy Tale Weddings of Razzmatazz Events said, “It was like a jinx when we got the client brief. We could see a challenge in it which could be faced bravely and solve it. Managing wedding of any scale with the available resources is possible, but this wedding went scot-free because of meticulous planning and execution.  With limited parking, seating, dining resources at the venue were the major concern; we could solve the jinx with the professional approach of planning and negotiations; ofcourse with the support of Almighty as well.”

Client Brief

The client’s brief was simple and specific, they were expecting around 22000 well-wishers, but the task wais to manage all of them without any hassles in a 2000 seating capacity convention centre with a parking facility of approximately 200 cars.  Feed Kerala traditional sadya in plantain leaf to all guests where dining facility of 1200 was available.

Task & Solution

The task was well set; Fairy Tale wedding team visited the venue, did a detailed study of the location, possibilities, did multiple sketches and finally arrived at a fool proof plan.  They could identify land in the neighbourhood converted into parking areas. There were six parking slots outside the venue in a radius of 5km which could collectively hold around 3000 cars.  All cars could not be allowed to enter the convention centre because of the narrow road.  Now the team had to manage parking and transport of guests to the convention centre without any difficulty.  It was made possible by arranging free flowing transport system from each parking bay to the convention centre.  Using 20 tempo travellers with unique colour coding, guests were ushered to the convention centre and forth to the parking area.  Route maps were given to each guest while entering the traveller, so that they would not miss out their parking location.  There were 150 parking assistants and security persons deployed for this task.

Parking and Transport were solved, now the task was to manage the seating as VVIP and MIP personalities like Governors, Chief Ministers, Ministers, MLAs, party leaders, film stars, party office bearers, supporters and family members are to be seated in the convention centre.  As it was the wedding of the son of the most beloved party leader Mr Ramesh Chennithala, it was expected that frenzy supporters would be there to greet him at the venue.  He patiently faced each supporter and greeted them at the venue and made them happy. 

Dining & Traditional Kerala Sadya

Traditional Kerala Sadya served in plantain leaf has more than 20 side dishes apart from Rice.  Five course servings with three types of desserts were also to be served.  The Fairy Tale Weddings team arranged a huge hanger panthal outside which could hold another 1000 plus people at a time and converted two more halls at the venue to dining making the total dining seats to serve 3000 meals at a time.  Three kitchens were set up inside the venue to cater food seamlessly and approximately 400 plus serving assistants did the serving tirelessly and all guests had the pleasure to enjoy the flavour. 

Foods were arranged at four different halls that could collectively hold around 2500 people at a time.  Kerala style sadya was provided to all from three kitchens set inside the venue.  Approximately there were 400 servers who could carry out the task with ease.  

Meet and Greet the Bride and Groom with the Leader’s family

Every supporter and leaders cherished to have photographed with the leader and his family.  Controlling measures were taken to allow VVIP to greet the bride and groom along with the supporters without much commotion.  

Innovation in photograph delivery

In order to arrange photographs to all supporters, a unique innovative application called Premagic was arranged.  A system that uses artificial intelligence to identify people from the photographs and delivers the photographs to the registered users through mail and whatsapp solved the issue of rush at the photograph.  A mirror magic virtual photobooth was set, where each supporter could get a photograph pictured themselves along with the leader’s family.

The wedding management skill shown by Fairy Tale Weddings by Razzmatazz Events made all praise for them and added one more golden feather to their cap.  Ramit & Junita’s wedding was huge not in terms of wedding arrangements or set up but in terms of people managed.  

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With the cumulative strength of almost 600 people, Fairy Tale Weddings, a division of Razzmatazz Events recently managed and executed a top class VVIP wedding witnessed by 20K+ attendees.

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