For its newest edition, Mahindra Roots Festival announces an incredible lineup of artists

Entertainment | January 31, 2023 | News

Mahindra Roots Festival Mahindra Group Raghu Dixit Shabnam Virmani Abhanga

Bandra, is all set to turn into a union of India’s rich and diverse cultural heritage on February 24, 25 and 26 with the Mahindra Group’s newest cultural outreach initiative ‘the Mahindra Roots Festival’, unveiling a line-up of incredible artists across multiple genres, languages and subcultures for its debut edition. Through this, the festival intends to recognise, nurture, as well as reintroduce Indian cultural roots to the new-age contemporary audience.

With this line-up, the festival will span theatre performances, folk music, classical music and poetry, contemporary Sufi, Abhangas, Bengal’s Baul music tradition, tribal music forms and immersive storytelling to bring millennial and Gen Z audiences closer to a melting pot of voices and art intrinsic to the pulse of India’s cultural matrix.

The audience will witness enthralling blend of music, stagecraft and storytelling with artists like Shabnam Virmani, folk-fusion band Abhanga, Arko Mukhaerjee, Tajdar Junaid, Tech Panda x Kenzani and Hashbass x Burrah, Jasleen Aulakh, Alif aka Mohammad Muneem Nazir and Raghu Dixit, Raju Das Baul and Shilpa Mudbi.

Jay Shah, Vice President - Cultural Outreach at Mahindra Group, said, “The Mahindra Group has always been at the forefront of promoting and exploring diverse art, music and culture through various initiatives and programs. The Mahindra Roots Festival was born out of this same need. With a truly exceptional line-up for its debut edition, the festival will bring forth and celebrate India’s dynamic culture and its rich history and past in a way that deeply resonates with today’s youth. I also hope the festival further encourages the Gen Z and millennials to return and stay in touch with their roots despite their sights set on the future.”

VG Jairam, Founder of Hyperlink Brand Solutions, added, “Community and celebration of diverse cultures are what defines us as a collective. We are glad that our involvement generates much admiration from both the artist communities and the audience as well. Our programs are conceptualised to establish a connection with our current and new-age audiences. The buzz around the Mahindra Roots Festival has been growing. And, we are glad to be teaming up with the Mahindra Group as this will surely help us push the boundaries to expand on the philosophy of bringing the roots of our diverse Indian culture on a single platform.”

He further added, “The Mahindra Roots Festival, with its incredibly diverse line-up, promises to take fans on a soulful cultural journey with an element of discovery, making the festival the living, beating heart of Indian arts and culture.”

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The festival will span theatre performances, classical music and poetry, contemporary Sufi, Bengal’s Baul music tradition, tribal music forms, and more to bring millennial and Gen Z audiences closer.

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