Dhruv Davar, Inextis Events talks About Celebrating 10 Years of the Company, Challenges Faced & More

Industry Watch | February 3, 2023 | Interview

Inextis Events Dhruv Davar

With an aim to curate, create and execute experiences, Inextis Events celebrates its 10th year anniversary and ensures to #MakeInterestingHappen for every project they do and achieve what is expected by the client. In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS, Dhruv Davar, CEO, Inextis Events gives an insight about the journey of the company, challenges faced, future plans and more!

Q. Celebrating 10 years of Inextis Events, take us through your journey of how the company has grown over the years since its inception.

Thoughts become things. My young self always wanted to inspire every experience with Inextis and over this decade, we have grown and evolved to #MakeInterestingHappen for every project we do. Well, I think I manifested it for myself. It all started with a laptop, room, and undying passion to make events memorable and today we have a sprawling office, executed 1000+ events for 150+ brands with 98.4% retention rate. One thing that started everything was 'An idea is a delusion without the right execution' and it still stands. We have always followed a go getter energy which opened up a lot of gates for us then and even now. What you see right now is hundreds of client meetings, trials, hits, errors, mistakes, challenges but most importantly solutions and learnings. Inextis started with 3 people and till now, we’ve had 100+ team mates who’ve joined us along this journey, working with the best brands in India, holding the most talked about events in the corporate world. I strongly believe Inextis isn’t just growing, it’s evolving everyday with the help of the team. The biggest asset we have is us and the self confidence we foster in each other. With every day, every event, every opportunity, our OG goal to #MakeInterestingHappen will stay constant.

Q. What are the biggest challenges you faced during the tenure of 10 years; how did Inextis Events cope up with it?

My first event caught fire and today, we are celebrating 10 years of #MakeInterestingHappen. I still remember that event, the excitement and then the panic when it all happened. Fortunately, it was all under control and we had our story of #MakeInterestingHappen. In these 10 years, we have faced a lot of challenges, and obstacles but I believe, it’s how we perceive them is the key.  At Inextis, we strongly think that the way we adapt to the situation gives us the power to see the solutions and never give problems the importance. So, when the pandemic hit, it wasn’t our biggest obstacle, we had taken a big risk on ourself as we had invested heavily in our company just before the news, and believe me it felt like a cosmic punishment. Thoroughly believing in purpose, process, and perseverance, we bought Virtual Console to life with no expertise. We built a digital platform where you could customise every touchpoint of an event in 48 hours for our clients to create memories. We are on a path breaking journey, so every obstacle that comes our way and has come, the goal is to create a story, and #MakeInterestingHappen.

Q. Tell us about your experience. How do you think the live event and experiential industry has shaped up through the years?

The one word that describes my experience over this decade is Thrilling. The transformative nature at Inextis has helped us shape our ethos and perspectives. When the pandemic hit, we were asked to switch to the virtual world of events. From blueprints and on-ground events, we shifted to everything at a click with technology led innovations, and that too globally. With determination to bridge the gap, and give the clients the memories they want, we bought Virtual Console to life. It is a platform where you can customise every touchpoint of an event in 48 hours. With one of our trusted clients, Kotak, Channel K was a result of exploring into the unknown. We were all hands on, took one step at a time, and created a beautiful campaign out of it. We received three awards for that campaign, and that fostered a lot of confidence in us to find the silver lining in every situation. While we still have a very long way to go, and something that I always say, Intextis isn’t just growing, it’s evolving everyday, adapting to every change in the world and it’s only because of the team that we have put together.

Q. What other future initiatives are planned through Inextis Events?

While we will continue to grow, expand and reach new heights in our corporate business, 2023, our 11th year seems to be super exciting, both for Inextis and personally for me. My calendar is dotted with passion projects, new business launches throughout the year that is going to set a powerful tone for the next decade. The goal is to always diversify, adapt, grow together, create wholesome memories, and #MakeInterestingHappen.

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In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS, Dhruv Davar, CEO, Inextis Events gives an insight about the journey of the company, challenges faced, future plans and more!

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