Vavo Digital collabs with AVIAREPS Aviation Tourism & Travel Marketing; to promote tourism in Utah

Industry Watch | January 23, 2023 | News

Vavo Digital AVIAREPS Aviation Tourism Travel Marketing Utah

Vavo Digital, a leading influencer marketing agency, partnered with AVIAREPS Aviation Tourism & Travel Marketing, to execute online influencer campaigns for promotion of the state of Utah, USA, as a perfect holiday destination for the Indian audience.

The campaign is designed to raise awareness and educate the Indian masses about the State of Utah as an ideal vacation spot to be added to one’s travel bucket list when choosing a holiday destination in the USA. The main objective of this campaign is to bring to light the tourist destinations in Utah, apart from the other frequently visited states. This long-term and multi-post association will help to build trust amongst travelers as the influencers act as ambassadors, thus creating a sustainable buzz about the state. If an influencer regularly references a specific destination (whilst being mindful of oversaturating their audiences), this could lead to increased recall and might also instil curiosity amongst the audience to explore that destination.

Vavo Digital facilitated two key travel influencers of India, Aakash Malhotra and Larissa D’sa, who traveled and explored the diverse and magnificent landscapes of Utah and showcased the same through a series of aesthetic and credible deliverables on Instagram like Reels, Image Posts, Stories, and a full-length YouTube video. These influencers experienced incredible activities like trekking in the iconic Narrows of Zion National Park, road-tripping across some of Utah's breathtaking scenic byways, snowboarding, etc.

Abdul Shaikh, Senior Brand Strategist, Vavo Digital said, “Since influencer marketing is at an all-time high, every industry has been exploring its potential. A single online post by a well-recognized influencer can boost the tourism of a destination phenomenally. We believe a digital word of mouth is key in current times. Due to the exceptional influencer selection that perfectly resonated with the brand’s views and audience along with the content curated by our influencers, the Indian audience will be driven to consider Utah as an apt holiday destination. We are glad to partner with AVIAREPS India, for this exciting campaign and look forward to carrying out many more like this. 

Zach Fyne, Global Markets Specialist, Visit Utah said, “It is important for the Indian consumer to see people from their country who both speak their language and share the same background to better understand how to go about exploring a new destination like Utah. Hosting leading content creators and influential travel vloggers, across a 7-day winter journey through southwestern Utah was an opportunity to showcase our gorgeous destination through their perspectives. The rich storytelling and passion that Vavo Digital’s influencers have for Utah unfold across their social media posts. We are confident, the Indian market will be delighted by these experiences and stories and will be motivated to continue exploring more of our state.”

Mansi Oza, Sales & Marketing, AVIAREPS India said, “Alignment between the client and agency is essential for any campaign to be successful, and we at AVIAREPS India look for a long-term partnership with the agency. It was our first time working with Vavo Digital, and we were very happy to see how prompt and responsive the team at the agency was to our requirements and how they were in line with the vision we had for the campaign. Through the two extreme profiles of the shortlisted travel bloggers, from adventure lovers like Aakash to tropical vacationers like Larissa, we hope to have conveyed our message that Utah is a destination fit for all types of travelers.”

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This long-term and multi-post association will help to build trust amongst travelers as the influencers act as ambassadors, thus creating a sustainable buzz about the state.

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