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Industry Watch | January 19, 2023 | Promo Feature

Eventz Genie Enjin Experiences

Enjin Experiences, a start-up company that evolved and took birth in the pandemic era is a technology-enabled platform that uses smart data analytics to facilitate large-scale physical events safely. Eventz Genie is the brand mark operated by Enjin Experiences.

The company became India's first privately operated vaccine event passport entry system, wherein they were recognized by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and had an official API integration into the COVID platform, which successfully recorded more than 250 Crore vaccinations.

Vijay Rao CavaleCEO said, "Eventz Genie is positioned as India's premier safe events solutions provider. Safety at large format live events is a global initiative and we are tasked with developing and deploying tech enabled tools that will facilitate these objectives. Enjin has very forward-looking plans to develop solutions facilitating safe events, safe venues, safe workplaces and infrastructure, and other risk assessment and risk mitigation tools in the times ahead."

Privately funded by leading industry names, Enjin Experiences is also the recipient of Start Up India Seed fund (SISF) grant in 2022 and was also voted one of India's 20 most promising Startups to watch out for (in 2022).

Enjin is a partner member of international bodies like the Global Crowd Management Association and the Event Safety Alliance (re-emerge ready programme) and Indian trade memberships of organizations like CII and FICCI.

Speaking about the platform, Eric Stuart, GCMA Chair. Said, “This organization will enable us to expand the opportunities for sharing knowledge and experience that will help keep people safe. While crowd plans are sometimes complex and need specialist knowledge, basic safety principles can be applied to many locations where crowds gather, and those principles can often be learnt and implemented at little cost. Most importantly, we should never forget that crowds are made up of people who expect to enjoy a pleasant day or evening out, then return home safely. Good crowd management can help achieve that simple, fundamental goal.”

Further, Enjin had also featured in the inaugural India Start Up Divas (January 16 2022) in round table discussion with honourable Prime Minister of India as well as this year edition which was held on January 16, 2023.

Event safety key areas

-Event infrastructure safety

Event safety would primarily deal with infrastructure which includes sturdiness of the stage, trusses, temporary overlays, etc also we put up brandings on overheads and gantries which sometimes needs to be weather proof and sturdy.

- Crowd management and access management protocol and SOPs

Crowd management is another key area after infrastructure safety because some of these events like a cricket match, Mahakumbh event, political rallies, sporting events, etc have huge number of attendees. So, one is how do you ensure the safety at the entrance that they are compliant with the entry rules, the access so that you know that only authorized people who need access are allowed into these venues and crowd management which is important.

Usually, during PM events the venue is very shortly filled up, and there are 1000s of people waiting outside to get in. So, one needs SOPs in place for that. During this, typically one hour prior to the event its seen that the venue whether indoor or outdoor is houseful, and there is a need to jam the gates which is a part of the access management crowd control. So even if one has a VIP pass but haven't entered in time, then the access may be denied. And then typically to deal with such cases the company has a separate refuge or run-away area where one can marshal such individuals who haven't been able to enter in time, and at least they can get to see it on an LED screen. You know, so planning your exits when there are large crowds.

-Celebrity risk mitigation

Sometimes there are celebrities in an event, so how do you keep them safe at the event, crowd barricades, the biggest problem is overcrowding access, fire hazard, especially if there are pyrotechnics involved anywhere, and also dealing with unwanted elements, firearms entering into an event, or drugs and alcohol entering into a place where it should not enter. So typically, these large format events even in India should be mandatory to have a trained or certified event safety officer.

Events Mishaps

The South Korea Halloween event where, it was a tragedy as 150+ lives were lost due to overcrowding earlier this year.

Similarly at Indonesia, wherein a freak occurrence at a football match due to a small spark, which then, got fueled into it took its own shape. And 140+ people lost their lives in that stampede.

In Kerala we had a section of the stadium collapse, we've had issues with infrastructure which saw many people losing their lives in that tragedy.

And that just shows us the frailties, also look at what happens on sets which are destroyed by fire, or nightclubs, these may not be large format, but these are high density indoor events, where the combination of crowd and fire and smoke and pyros sometimes leads into very unwarranted and medical tragedies have occurred all across the word.

Where we lack is that, typically internationally, every large format event or high-density event should have an event safety officer whose role is not just restricted to event management. So, it's everything from rigging to the basic checkboxes, ambulance, infrastructure, stage to see that the dresses etc, are sturdy and have reasonable weights, engineering drawings, for construction wherever temporary overlays are being built.

Role Of Event Safety Officer

A priority for every event organiser must be to remove or minimise every risk to Staff, Contractors, Event Participants and the General Public. There are training manuals that have got a lot of best practices, white papers, where we've got certain instructions and manuals as to how to plan these safe events and to mitigate all types of risks.

Below are the roles of Event Safety Officer which is a must for any large format outdoor event or even high-density indoor event:

-Be present on site.

-Oversee the implementation of the strategies in the Event Safety plan.

-Be easily identifiable as the Safety Officer.

-Be in an identified location (eg. Event Control).

-Not be engaged in any other duties or activities which would prevent them carrying out their responsibilities associated with the event.

-Have the means to communicate with the Event Management Team.

-Undertake a site safety check before the event is opened to the Public.

-Monitor the continuing safety of the site throughout the event. This can include checking structures, barriers, electrical supplies and installations or other equipment provided.

-Manage hazards and remove/minimise/isolate hazards using the Hazard Identification Checklist. 

-Ensure all club members/management and other involved parties are aware of the Event Safety plan and how to adhere to the health and safety/emergency procedures. 

-Bring to the attention of the Chairperson any major health and safety issues on a regular basis.

-Report all major accidents to OSH (if required by law).

-Have the authority, if necessary, to close the event or part of it at any time.

Sharing their views on the services provided by Eventz Genie

Vinay Mittal, Managing Director, Deepali Design and Exhibits said, “We are constantly executing large format events and VVIP protocol events where safety and SOP's are a must at these gatherings tens of thousands of event attendees are present and hence the standards are very high for such measures and in Vijay and Team Eventz Genie we have found an able ally and strategic partner who can assist our teams in planning the safety aspects for some of our marquee events.”

Pushkaraj Shete, CEO & Principal Officer, Prime India Insurance Brokers said, "Prime India in synergy with Eventz Genie is also looking at opportunities to automate / bring online or at least to greatly simplify the basic event insurance issue business process whereby it may be possible very soon for a potential event organizer to simply fill out a form and submit some documents and data in an online / single window process to initiate the insurance policy subject to some very simple processes for checks and balances.”

Nishit Shah, Co-founder, Go Bananas Events Group said, “Go Bananas is EMA for a lot of VVIP and protocol events where SOP's, Guidelines (sometimes SPG protocol) must be adhered to 100% with zero failure. Vijay has vast experience and understands the requirements well and their team has the ability to adapt to complex requirements with speed. We are happy to align with Eventz Genie and look to utilize their services and service providers wherever required.”

Bunty Walia (filmmaker and promoter ASFC - All Stars Football Club) said, “The ASFC is a premium offering and given the status of our players (Bollywood celebrities and stars) we are always looking at ways to mitigate risk as well as provide risk cover. We have found an able partner in Vijay and team Eventz Genie who can assist us and help plan our safety and safe event aspects right from field of play safety, fan access management to Player /celebrity insurance products as well as basic VVIP security protocol measures.”

Enjin Experiences in the post pandemic world is now primed to deliver technology as well as other platforms to deliver safe events, risk mitigation measures, and to make the large format or high density crowded event format into a better experience.

For editorial related queries, reach us at edit@eventfaqs.com

Enjin Experiences is primed to deliver technology & other platforms to deliver safe events, risk mitigation measures, and to make the large format or high density crowded event into better experiences

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