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Industry Watch | January 3, 2023 | Interview

Dr. Gaurav Chandra ProDocs Healthcare

Pioneered as the art of Health Risk Management in India, ProDocs Healthcare consists of personalized medical support for crew and staff which is missing during events and sports. 

In an exclusive interview with EVENTFAQS Media, Founder Dr. Gaurav Chandra shares insights on the journey of ProDocs Healthcare, importance of health and safety during events and future plans for 2023.

Speaking about accomplishments, their first event was Martin Garrix India tour in 2016 at Mahalaxmi Race Course in Mumbai with a medical team size of 50 - Sunburn Arena. They have also done a few International Tours including destination wedding in Abu Dhabi and group tour to Europe for JSW Distributors meet covering more than 400 people. Sports Events includes Tamil Thalaivas Team for Pro Kabbadi League, Mumbai Premiere League T20 and Pro Badminton League. Also did extensive cover for HOG rallies and Filmfare awards. 

Take us through the journey of how the idea of ProDocs was conceived and what inspired you to get into the event industry?

My father is a doctor by profession so growing up I had always looked up to him serving the society. So, it runs in our family to care for the people. Finishing my medical school from Bangalore I had the opportunity to visit some musical concerts in Bangalore & Goa, that one time a friend of mine had some minor injury so we needed medical assistance and somehow, we found our way to the first aid station, but to our surprise there was no Healthcare staff available to help us out and as a result we had to struggle the whole event & had to depart early. 

Following this incident, I went to a few events where I would purposefully go & check for the medical facilities on site. I was astonished to see the sad state of affairs at all these medical tents/first aid stations as they were always empty and if we found someone, they had the minimum resources. On confirming with a few Event Managers, I got to know that they were struggling with Health Safety & Medical security at their events as Medical Safety is a mandatory compliance for majority of the Events. Following this there was a big incident where someone collapsed & lost their life due to some pre-existing disease at an Event. 

So, in 2016 I decided to form a company that could provide the highest level of healthcare standards to events around the country and abroad, with the aim of providing professional and reliable first aid and healthcare services to organizations and individuals around the country.

Share with us the importance of Medical Health Risk Management for the Event Industry?

Any medical emergency does not come with a warning sign or if they do also most of the times you tend to ignore it, so it is better to be prepared well in advance for the same.
Individuals come to an event to have a gala time in a joyful mood, which sometimes can lead to n number of unwarranted medical situations, which can easily precipitate, into a life-threating emergency.

Many a time we are not aware of the tricky situation we can be in depending on some climatic factors, regional factors, human made factors, etc., even a minor trigger can generate a massive disaster for an individual or a group of people. To keep check on this with a keen eye without being noticed we try to prevent unplanned medical emergencies keeping them at bay with the right implementation of medical resources on site & offsite so no one gets into a major health problem and if they do then we have the right setup & mitigation plan to help them out. 

We have always yearned to create a medically secured arena for the crew, staff, artists, players, VIPs & attendees so they can experience a sense of medical security and assurity.

We always prioritize our working plan to provide aid at the earliest within the golden hour of medical emergencies thus saving lives & morbidity. 

Also, these secured planning helps a lot of families feel good and stress free if their children/relatives are attending, spending time or working at such a venue. 

How does ProDocs help in managing Health & Safety at Events?
Started in 2016 to change the way medical services at events, ProDocs has catered to more than 100 events plus and counting securing more than 5 million people in a short time span since its incorporation.
Over the years ProDocs has learned the art of effective Medical Health Safety & Risk Management, the experience & continuous learning has given us ample knowledge to lay out tailor made plans for different type of Events.

We also have Covid Testing (RTPCR & RAT) for Events & Sports at customized rates.

How we do it?

Using our experience, your dedicated Account Manager will tailor solutions that meet your needs in the most cost-effective way possible. On confirmation from the client the desired plan is implemented on site providing end-to-end medical solution for the event, commencing with Set Up to Event Day to Pack Up. Post Event we follow up with an event report detailing all incidents that took place. This reporting helps you plan for any future events and meet any regulatory requirements you may need to.

Our On site stationed Professional & Specialist Team consist of:

- Medical Coordinators
- Doctors
- Nursing Staff
- Patrolling Paramedical Staff
- Support Staff 
- Medical Supplies for clinical care & first aid
- Advanced & Basic Life Support Ambulances & Equipment 
- Partner Offsite Health Facilities 
Tell us about your experience of how ProDocs helped to lower the risk during an event? (Case Study)

We have worked at a variety of events from EDM concerts to Awards Nights to Sports events to Destination weddings to Group Tours (India & abroad) to Ride or Drive Rallies to Trade Fairs and have encountered number of medical injuries though some might be very basic like a shoe bite and some can be very critical like a head injury. Every event has its own different challenges and we have to be very careful while planning the Medical Management part.

The list is quite long but will illustrate two such Industry related incidents/cases:

1. EDM concert there was brawl among some attendees and one individual got seriously injured, the injured person was spotted by our team and was rushed to our first aid on a wheel chair, he had a grievous wound on his nose and was bleeding profusely so we immediately had to swing into action and arrest the bleeding with icing & nasal packing followed by injectable pain killer thus reducing his agony and when was a bit better we advised for an X Ray Nose & PNS and on follow the next day the person was doing better and got his X Ray done which showed a minor hair line fracture of the nose for which he had already consulted an ENT Specialist.

2. Sporting Event when we were securing a contact sport two players got injured in a span of two minutes the first one had a fracture of the right hand and other one had a web split of the left palm. So, we had to brace the right arm of that player & clean and dress the palm of the left hand and shift them to our partner Hospital where they were immediately attended and taken care of. Later on both players made full recovery and are still playing for prestigious tournaments. 
In all we have come a long way in improving the primary healthcare on site at various venues around the country and abroad.
How is ProDocs different from regular Ambulance providers?

Consultation with the client to carefully understand the healthcare requirement for the event, then formulating a detailed plan of the medical first aid and emergency service set up, the execution of the approved plan as confirmed by the client and issuing final report post event with a personal empathically driven approach of being always there and that is where we stand out.

Our primary aim is to provide the first line of medical care on-site as we believe that if we can provide that 98% of the cases are easily managed and thus, they can have a good time for which they have come for. No one wants to go to a Healthcare facility from an event they have wishfully come for, thus making them feel medically secured for future experiences as well.

We have associations with ambulance providers and they do an excellent job wherever patient management for transfer to a hospital is concerned, but they lack the knowledge of clinical care, treatment on site and event medical management as a whole, as they have their own expertise of rescue & evacuation. We are reliable and trustworthy and with an always happy to help attitude makes us the best in the industry.

What is the key focus for ProDocs going forward in 2023?

Past two years have been very tough for the survival of mankind and now all of us have realized the importance of good health and well-being and being medically secured. I feel that should be the agenda for one n all.

Going forward 2023 as the event industry is making a significant come back, we want to contribute to all possible opportunities that come our way cementing our position as the prime Medical Safety & Emergency medical services provider for the industry to make a medically secured environment free of risk, trauma, disease and eventuality. 

One area we see where there is a big lag is for destination weddings and group tours travelling abroad wherein individuals struggle to find proper health services they can rely on.

 We want to grow our numbers of securing people from 5 million to may be more than 15 million.

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In an exclusive interview with EVENTFAQS Media, Founder Dr. Gaurav Chandra shares insights on the journey of ProDocs Healthcare, importance of health and safety during events and future plans for 2023

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