EEMA India inks a landmark bilateral MoU with Event Management Association of Sri Lanka

Industry Watch | December 26, 2022 | News

EEMA India Event Management Association of Sri Lanka MOU

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by Event & Entertainment Management Association (EEMA India) and Event Management Association of Sri Lanka, in the presence of Lanka Buddhasasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs Minister Vidura Wickramanayake, in a stately event organised at Cinnamon Grand in Colombo on December 19, 2022.

EEMA India is the apex body of the events and experiences business in India and has consistently been working over the last 14 years to organise the business and bind relevant stake holders together.

EEMA is the only national association with a unified voice that leads dialogue within its members and with government, Statutory Bodies, Taxation Authorities, Private and Municipal Licensing Bodies, Corporate Industry, Vendors and Artists.

Samit Garg, President, EEMA said, "Today is a big day for EEMA as we sign our first international memorandum of understanding with a similar event body. This will deliver professional events across borders for both countries and will also help strengthen the hold on qualitative parameters boosting the levels of entertainment and event production. More transparency and a better outreach in our industry is urgently needed, and the more encompassing we will become, the higher the value we shall be able to build for our member enterprises. The highlights of this landmark bilateral agreement include mutual cooperation in resource sharing, standardisation of delivery and compliance to international standards so that collectively we can build the economic & human capital in the Indian Sub-Continent."

Nishan Wasalathanthri, President, EMA Sri Lanka said, “This is a landmark agreement for both parties. Our teams of eminent professionals possess extensive industry experience and are poised to establish standards and further develop the industry. We’re excited to sign this MoU and also strengthen the position of our industry both locally and regionally. The objective of the MOU was to commemorate a momentous occasion and bilateral relations. The key points of this historic bilateral agreement included mutual cooperation and training in all aspects of event management and production, standardisation and compliance - to international standards - within the industry, generation of much-needed foreign exchange for its members and vice versa for the country, business leads which will be channelled through the joint associations so that all members will benefit by working together to a high and exacting standard, raising the bar for all EMA members."

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EEMA India is the apex body of the events and experiences business in India and has signed the MoU to immensely strengthen the position of the industry both Internationally & Regionally.

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