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Entertainment | November 29, 2022 | Feature

Magnetic Fields MUTEK

Magnetic Fields, globally recognised as one of the most beautiful festivals in the world for its blend of heritage arts mixed with contemporary culture, has quickly come to represent an India that is embracing of its past, and future-facing in its outlook. The eighth edition of the festival will be held from December 9 to 11.

Magnetic Fields programs multiple content streams like storytelling in the form of Magnetic Words; combines music and wellness in the Magnetic Sanctuary, a VR showcase by MUTEK and interactive and immersive installations.

Jameson Connects Dungeon

The second night in the Jameson Connects Dungeon will see a crew of selectors headed by curator and Krunk label founder, Rafiki behind the decks. Joining him will be DJs Nida, Lady Rufflein and Sodhi.

Pursue Cosmic Disco Bar

An oasis of fun, shimmer, razzle and dazzle in the middle of the desert, the Pursue Cosmic Disco Bar is where the tunes never stop and the tap never runs dry. Pop in for a drink under the disco ball and relive the glam of Studio 54 with secret sets courtesy Dynamite Disco Club and friends.

Corona Sundowner

Everyone’s favourite sunset stage has been rechristened Corona Sundowner for this edition, and will feature an exclusive presentation by French hip-hop artist ONRA, debut performances from Delhi-based producer FILM’s alter ego Tyrell Dub Corp called ‘Futurhythmachine’, a live set from popstar Anuskha Manchanda’s alter-ego KISS NUKA, experimental producer Shantam, Bangalore-based lo-fi singer and songwriter Rudy Mukta, and chillwave producer CHRMS.

DRAGALACTIQ x Paradise at The Peacock Club

Four queer performing artists – an aerialist, a voguer and two drag queens – each possessing their own special skill and style, join forces to create havoc at Paradise at The Peacock Club, the perfect accompaniment to Amsterdam-based mercurial selector Young Marco’s taste in unusual musical delights.

Magnetic Words

Storytelling is an intrinsic part of music festivals around the world, and Magnetic Fields was the first music festival in India to bring together tellers of tales from India and around the world.

The Peacock Club, Magnetic Words x Platform showcase will feature Academy Award nominee Sushmit Ghosh, a filmmaker whose film Writing with Fire was the first documentary from India to be nominated at Oscars 2022; performance poet Pragya Bhagat, who is also the founder of The Poetry Circle, a community space that fosters a love for words; the Delhi-based architect, writer, and community artist Swati Janu and winner of the Moira Gemmill Prize for Emerging Architecture and Delhi-based photographer Devashish Gaur who works with archives and found objects to explore narratives of intimacy, home and identity, like in his latest photo series 'This Is The Closest We Will Get', a photo series through which he dives into questions of belonging, inheritance and freedom using archival photos of his grandfather across the figure of his father to create a bridge between them.

Magnetic Sanctuary

Magnetic Fields was the first festival in India to curate a space that’s more about relaxation than dancing, and this year collaborates with transformational and wellness experiences platform LifePlugin for Magnetic Sanctuary.

LifePlugin is bringing the best teachers, facilitators and practitioners to provide attendees with wellness experiences and a space for ‘reconnection’ - also the theme for the 2022 edition. This is a space for people to meet, connect and seek to reimagine themselves through unique experiences.

Open all through the weekend, the Magnetic Sanctuary is a chill decompression zone that serves as a retreat from the bustle of festival life. Activities on offer include music and meditation, soundbaths, blindfolded sensory experiences, hot mess yoga and vinyasa yoga, aromatherapy, astrology, massage therapy among other immersive experiences.

The above mentioned activities will be available at Magnetic Sanctuary in the Bedouin campsite from 3 pm to midnight, and from 9.30 am to 10 pm.

VR Showcase: MUTEK’s Immersive Collection

With a promise of the most cutting-edge immersive experience, Magnetic Fields brings down the talent heads of MUTEK. The festival, globally recognised for its future-facing audio-visual performances, shares its latest chapter: taking its first step as extended reality (XR) content producer with Immersive Collection.

Reinventing shows previously performed at MUTEK, Immersive Collection defies traditional genres and defines a new category of audio-visual XR experiences that are deployed from original concepts, non-traditional narratives and advanced digital creation tools.

a)   Entanglement XR by France Jobin and Markus Heckmann

Entanglement distills quantum physics theories into a swooping sensorial experience, illustrating the concept of entanglement, an uncanny scientific phenomenon that defies explanations. The piece oscillates between four theories: the fluidity of time, multiverse, Copenhagen interpretation and decoherence. These complex notions are filtered into radiant tableaus guided by science, technology, and sensitivity to illustrate what cannot be visualized.

b)   House Of Moire by Chloe Alexandra Thompson and Matthew Edwards

House of Moiré invites users into a void-like realm of transforming audio-visual architecture. In self-directed exploration, the viewer advances through rooms dressed in optical patterns, audio-visual programming, and minimalist spatial design. The result is an odd and inquisitive trip for this latest iteration of Moiré, a series of A/V works investigating psycho-acoustics and sensory illusion through, among others, custom audio software and interactive design.

Magnetic Fields post-parties

The festivities don’t stop when the festival ends. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Goa will host post-festival parties from December 14 with marquee artists like Ben UFO, Pangaea, Pearson Sound, Sherelle, Jossy Mitsu Saiorse, Anthony Naples, Chloé Robinson and Batu playing across the four locations.

The tickets are available on Paytm Insider’s official website.

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Magnetic Fields programs multiple content streams like storytelling in the form of Magnetic Words, combines music and wellness in the Magnetic Sanctuary, a VR showcase by MUTEK and much more.

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