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Industry Watch | November 29, 2022 | Feature

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MOTUS | ONE, the Global transportation company is an Expert in transport management for fleets, events and logistics. UAE-based event transportation and consulting solution, MOTUS | ONE was founded by the late Dana Buchawiecki and Fahad Al Seyabi and offers logistics and effective transportation mechanisms, merging intricate planning with advanced technologies with seamless execution.

Armed with the knowledge of taking away the stress of transportation management from the client, they put together a well-trained team to deliver as promised.

Meet the Champions of the business:

Fahad Al Seyabi, Founder and Chairman, MOTUS | ONE.

With over fifteen years of service in the UAE Armed Forces and an additional 12 years of experience within event transportation, Chairman and co-founder of MOTUS | ONE, Fahad Al Seyabi takes pride in leading a team that delivers professional and efficient transportation and traffic management solutions that span events across the Middle East, KSA, RSA and USA. 

Nicknamed the ‘Fixer’, Fahad brings his 12 years of operational and protocol-related expertise to regional and global Mega Events, helping his team plough through roadblocks using his experience, connections and resilient attitude in the pursuit of excellence. 

Fahad believes in leading the team from the frontier and you will always find him constantly flying between different countries to support his team and ensure client satisfaction to the highest standards.

Omar Al Farooq, CEO, MOTUS | ONE.

At the age of 27, Omar currently holds the rank of CEO at MOTUS | ONE. 

Born and raised in UAE, Omar has had an adventurous route that has brought him to the current point of his professional life. Starting as a volunteer at the 2012 Formula One Yas Island Grand Prix, Omar went on to work on various events as a traffic marshal in 2013 including events like Qasr Al Hosn Festival in AUH, Football matches at HBZ stadium and then again worked for F1 Race in 2013. ​

His experience in the field of transport management elevated him to the position of team leader at the F1 Grand Prix in 2014. From here, he went on to specialize in the field of event transportation.​

Joining MOTUS l ONE in 2019, Omar found his place in the event transportation business and worked harder than ever to successfully deliver the first major event in KSA for Motus | One in 2019 and continued on his journey upward. He was promoted to Head of Operation in Late 2019 and early 2021 he landed up, donning the role of Director of Global Operations. ​

Omar personally led the first Formula-E, and also Formula 1 in Saudi Arabia. He has managed to not only deliver the Project but has also been recommended to other clients around the world. In recent times, Motus One was selected by Miami as their Formula -1 transport master planners, NBA in Africa, and Formula E for their global tour. Due to all these ongoing successes along with the companies’ constant growth, Omar has now been recently appointed as the New CEO/ Partner of MOTUS | ONE. 

MOTUS | ONE currently manages operations across more than 7 countries with main offices in 5 different countries. 

Claudia Botha-Buchawiecki, COO, MOTUS | ONE.

Adopting UAE as her home for the last 22 years and nicknamed the ‘Super Mama of MOTUS ONE’, Claudia has mastered the phrase ‘struggle with the juggle’, successfully balancing a highly influential career with the daily demands and rewards of motherhood, family, and community.​

With Over 15 years of experience, working on different categories of global events from MICE to Concerts, Large Sporting Events and Royal Weddings, Claudia transfers many aspects of motherhood like time management and quick resolution turnaround to face unique issues faced on the field as well. She successfully transfers skills learned through her professional and personal life to each other, where required and advocates the fact that motherhood does indeed fine tunes her management and event-solving skills.

With all her years of Event / Transport Experience, Claudia brings with her an extremely knowledgeable understanding of events like the Abu Dhabi Formula One, EXPO 2020, SAGP Race 1, Miami Grand Prix, FIFA -A Club World Cup, Formula-E, Diriyah Seasons, Formula - E (Spartner & Travel Places), F1 - JEDDAH and much more. ​The Race through time and the world of events never stops for her, as she ties up her hair, rolls her sleeves and constantly changes gears to take Motus One ahead into the future of events.

What MOTUS | ONE offer the global events industry:

MOTUS | ONE’s experienced transport management team designs and delivers transportation and transport staffing solutions that convert complex scenarios into simple solutions. Motus | One merges the right mix of experience, creativity, and technology to get the job done right with the aim of keeping their promise to you, every single time. 

For businesses that need their people in the right place at the right time, Motus | One provides transport and traffic management services and consultancy with precision that only comes from mastering the ever-changing and demanding world of events. 

Why choose MOTUS | ONE as your event transportation and logistics partner:

Bespoke Solutions:

MOTUS | ONE doesn’t have a templated approach. Instead, the team collaborates closely with clients to devise unique project plans that optimize clients' capabilities and match their working methods.

Single-provider efficiencies:

It takes time and money to commission, brief and manage multiple suppliers. MOTUS | ONE relieve that burden, offering you radically reduced administrative and operational overhead.

First-mover technology:

Because of their unique approach, MOTUS | ONE has developed their own unified MaaS (mobility as a service) platforms to improve operational efficiency and ease of use. You can license our tech or simply use it to your advantage.

It’s a matter of ethics:

Good business relies on trust, openness, and transparency – and their hiring policies reflect this. MOTUS | ONE selects their team members for their honesty and diligence and makes promises with the aim to keep them, every single time.

MOTUS | ONE has created a name for itself within the global event transportation circuit by successfully working with and delivering different transportation solutions for brands like WWE, NBA, EXPO 2020, FEMA, Yas Marina Circuit, Redbull, Diriyah, Red Sea International Film Festival, Formula 1, FIFA and many more.

For any upcoming event transportation and traffic management solutions across the globe, log on to or reach out to the team at:

For editorial related queries, reach us at

Motus | One provides transport and traffic management services and consultancy with precision that only comes from mastering the ever-changing and demanding world of events.

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