Natura's Motion Control and Kirby Track Installation were WOW Award's most astounding feature!

Industry Watch | November 7, 2022 | Feature

Natura WOW Awards Asia

Natura, India's first and only professional aerial rigging company collaborates closely with event planners, production companies and choreographers to conceptualize, design, develop and safely execute aerial performances and entries, product launches, building unveilings, and create unique adventure experiences. They are the agency's go-to when it comes to adding that extra WOW Factor to any stage performance, brand event or celebration.

Natura was the Aerial Rigging & Stage Automation Partner at the 13th edition of WOW Awards that was held on 19th & 20th August 2022 at Jio World Convention Centre, Mumbai. At the two-day extravaganza, Natura’s team installed heir Motion Control Hoists to move Five LED panels on Y-axis along with the Kirby track based cross travel that was used as a dramatic entry for Natura's Founder / Director, Avishkar Tendle and a performer to execute an Aerial Act from Sumit Khetan's dance troupe. 

Natura’s objective for WOW Awards’ execution was to create a video backdrop of moving LEDs that would change patterns based on the sessions that were taking place at the time. This was to be accomplished by mounting the enormous LED screens on Motion Controlled / Kinetic Hoists so that the backdrop would change dynamically. In addition, a performer flying system based on a track had to be installed so that various entries and performances could be performed on it.

Natura with its exceptional professional aerial rigging services installed 5 LED panels consisting of 2 panels of 5X5 meter dimension, 2 panels of 2X6.5 meter and 1 panel of 8X4.5 meter on a motion control hoist to form different patterns. This was WOW Award's most astounding feature. It was the first time that WOW awards included such high-end stage automation. 

The stage automation delivered by Natura as they set up their Kinetic Systems at the venue was the WOW Award's most astounding feature. It was the first time an awards show included a motion control system with LED screens that continuously moved in accordance with the event content.

In discussing some of the difficulties faced during the WOW Awards and how they were resolved, Avishkar Tendle, MD Natura said, "We had numerous technical difficulties, one of which was just lack of practice, as we installed the motion control hoists after a two-year hiatus brought on by the pandemic. the second setback was that some of the hoists failed due to an electrical fluctuation caused by the supply of power from the venue to our distribution box, we had to change our original plan of installing 8 hoists to be able to move 5 different LED panels. As a result, we had to run the same number of LEDs on a lesser inventory while maximizing the usage by using double-reeved pulleys and brackets.”

“The challenge of solving simple technical challenges and coming up with creative solutions made the experience memorable”, he added.

For more details about the products and services offered by Natura contact: +91 80 9725 9195

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Natura was the Rigging Technical Partner at the 13th edition of WOW Awards that were held on 19th - 20th August 2022 at Jio World Convention Centre, Mumbai.

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