Wedding Tourism is the next big thing in our Indian Wedding Industry!

Industry Watch | October 18, 2022 | News

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Weddings, big or intimate, are once-in-a-lifetime celebrations and destination weddings have seen a shift of preference from international to domestic destinations giving a valuable boost to Wedding Tourism.

Pursuing this objective, an enlightening interaction was witnessed at the Swadesh Tourism Conclave on October 11th 2022 at Vigyan Bhawan with Shripad Naik, India's Minister of State for Tourism, Rohan Kunte, Tourism Minister, Goa, and Satpal Maharaj, Tourism Minister, Uttarakhand. The ministers expressed openness to receive ideas and recommendations and shared a willingness to pursue the initiative along with the events and wedding industry.

During the event it was discussed that the entire Industry has to come together to work along with the government to promote the Indian wedding and events industry this would easily lead the 500,000 cr industry surge to 15,00,000 cr. The industry also needs to work together with the central government, as well as each and every state government.

Further to this, EEMA through its initiative Wedding Council would like to promote India as a destination for Weddings in 194 countries and invite them to experience the varied culture and heritage locations in India. It believes that the next big thing for our Indian Wedding Industry is undoubtedly Wedding Tourism.

This is a definite opportunity to earn foreign exchange for India, that remains unnoticed and untapped by the Government of India and State Governments.

Speaking to the ministers at the conclave and sharing the concerns of the industry, Rajeev Jain, Managing Director, Rashi Entertainment said, “We represent an industry, which is a Wedding Industry and we have an association which is Event, Entertainment and Management association which has Wedding Council of India that I am representing. We are a 500000 cr industry with a turn over of 500000 cr yearly, through marriages. But today we are finding ourselves as a disorganized industry. Mantralaya has spoken about Yoga Tourism, Travel Tourism but hasn’t spoken about Wedding Tourism. I would like you to know that approximately 800 weddings have turned into destination weddings. We have done weddings in United Arabs Emirates, Turkey, Antalia, Ras Al Khaimah, etc. and have taken the Indian revenue outside, because it’s a foreign currency. What is the issue that we are unable to get people from 194 countries to host events in our country?”

Throwing light on future plans for the challenges faced by wedding industry, Rohan Khaunte, Tourism Minister, Goa suggested the need for ease to do business which will alow the people to get single window permissions to organise events and bridge these challenges.

Sharing his thought on the initiative, Samit Garg, President, EEMA said, "The Wedding Council of India is an EEMA initiative to forward the key agendas of the wedding business, deliberate with like-minded associations, impress upon the Governments and pursue necessary policy implementations aimed at exponentially growing the opportunities in this area. Senior members have been brought together to take on this responsibility on behalf of EEMA. It is one of the biggest drives that we will be pushing in this term and we want to have constructive dialogues with concerned ministries to seek the long-deserved recognition and legitimisation. We hope to deliver some concrete results in this area and wish to reach out and request all our friends and colleagues in this business to openly come forward and support, where ever required."

Sabbas Joseph, Fouder and Director, Wizcraft said, "EEMA’s Wedding Council has a multi-pronged approach and clear objectives. We would like to encourage international clients to host their wedding celebrations in India using our picturesque heritage sites, beaches and venues for both intimate as well as large scale events. EEMA’s Wedding Council initiative will help boost foreign exchange earnings, generate employment and value for local businesses. Importantly, cultural performers, artisans and local event businesses will benefit from the influx."

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EEMA through its initiative Wedding Council would like to promote India as a destination for Weddings in 194 countries and invite them to experience the varied culture and heritage locations in India.

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