Paytm Insider collaborates with Bhasha Centre and presents a series of engaging plays!!

Entertainment | October 17, 2022 | News

Paytm Insider Bhasha Centre

Paytm Insider is partnering with Bhasha Centre and bringing impactful and thought-provoking plays by ‘Aagaaz Theatre Trust’ and ‘Third Space Collective’ from October to December. So people in Delhi and Mumbai, engaging stories featuring exceptional talent from the world of theatre are coming your way.

The line-up of shows that Paytm Insider is organising includes ‘Bhagi Hui Ladkiyan’ and ‘Rihla’ by Aagaaz Theatre Trust, and ‘Mahish’ by Third Space Collective.

The adventure begins with performances at Little Theatre Group (LTG) Auditorium, Delhi, on October 21st and 22nd and at BCP auditorium on November 18th and 19th. The play will also travel to Mumbai for shows at Harkat Studios, from November 25th - 27th 2022.

The play will be taking place at BCP Auditorium on November 20th and will travel to Mumbai for shows at Veda Factory on December 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

The tickets are available on Paytm Insider’s official website.

Varun Khare, Business Head, Paytm Insider said, “This collaboration with Bhasha centre will present a  series of impactful plays whose stories are unique, exciting, uplifting, funny, and heartbreaking making it a unique experience.  Through this collaboration with Bhasha Center, we hope to bring more of these experiences to cities across the country, growing the community further”

Vivek Madan, Founder, Director, Bhasha Center for Performing Arts said, “This partnership comes at the right time for the theatre fraternity, reeling from 2 years of a pandemic and lockdowns. Aagaaz and Third Space have really made the most of this opportunity by programming these plays at several venues, making them accessible to a cross section of society. Bhasha Centre, as an organisation that aims to facilitate more and more work, is working with Paytm Insider to enable a range of quality theatre performances, from across the country. These plays are not to be missed.” 

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The line-up of shows includes ‘Bhagi Hui Ladkiyan’ and ‘Rihla’ by Aagaz Theatre Trust, and ‘Mahish’ by Third Space Collective from October to December.

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