IPRS partners with ZIRO Festival of Music 2022 to promote Independent artists from the Northeast

Industry Watch | October 17, 2022 | News

IPRS Ziro Festival of Music

The Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS), authorized copyright society representing more than 9000 eminent authors, composers, and publishers across the nation was recently present at the ZIRO Festival of Music to engage with and educate songwriters, composers, and music makers about their rights as a creator and how to make the most from their creations. IPRS emphasized the role of copyright societies and how it benefits a creator to be part of a community that incessantly works towards protecting their rights and helping them to garner their rightful dues and credit. 

IPRS reached out to independent artists from the seven sister states at the festival. 

Ziro Festival of Music took a positive step towards supporting Creators' rights by licensing the music they played. Thus ushering in a new beginning in North East, they upheld the importance of the fair use of music and giving music creators their due rights. The Ziro Festival of Music held from September 29th to October 2nd 2022.

The IPRS team met and educated budding songwriters, composers, and independent artists about music copyrights at the Ziro Festival of Music. IPRS is the first music copyright society, traveling across the country to educate music makers on the importance of music copyright and licensing. The IPRS has already conducted its proprietary 'Learn and Earn' workshop, in Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. It is planning to conduct the same in Punjab shortly.  

Rakesh Nigam, CEO, IPRS said, “After a prolonged Covid hiatus, we are glad that IPRS could attend the Ziro Festival of Music and reach out to the independent artists from the far Northeast. We take this opportunity to inform everyone about the relevance of music in our lives and why it is important to support those behind the music. As a music copyright society, we strive to create a sustainable music ecosystem that will nurture fair pay and fair play of music, encouraging creativity and fuelling enthusiasm among young songwriters, composers, and independent artists. Thus, providing a breeding ground for upcoming talent across the country beyond the bustling cities. We thank and congratulate the organizers of the Ziro Festival of Music, for their efforts taken to promote the wide array of independent music from far east and across the globe, while upholding the rights of music creators.”

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IPRS partnered with ZIRO Festival of Music to engage with and educate songwriters, composers, and music makers about their rights as a creator and how to make the most from their creations.

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