Wiztales launches its Metaverse ‘Altyug’: India’s first E-commerce & Events Metaverse

Industry Watch | August 16, 2022 | Promo Feature

Wiztales Altyug

Wiztales, one of the world’s fastest-growing event tech platforms has announced the much-awaited launch of their new metaverse called Altyug. The brand encourages customers to experience life in the virtual world where the platform enables them to experience shopping, 2D hypercasual gaming, intuitive interactions with colleagues on the same platform and lastly the customer will get the liberty of exploring multiple, immersive, realistic and futuristic venues with multiple points of interaction at the click of a button by just sitting at home. 

Altyug also assists retail brands to create and purchase virtual land in the metaverse. The customer gets an opportunity to visit these branded stores on the metaverse and users can walk up to a mannequin or a clothing item in a brand store, get more information about the product, watch the product in AR and go ahead and buy the product on the website. Metaverse is the future of the world, brands and tech companies are transitioning their business models over metaverse. 

On the launch of Altyug, Krishna Malhotra, CTO of Wiztales said, “The imaginative future is turning into reality. The future that we have seen in movies like Free Guy, Ready Player One or everyone's favourite The Matrix, is not far from reality today. I am extremely delighted and feel lucky to work on such a project and launch our first product into metaverse technology - Altyug (alternative yug - an age of time). With Altyug, we will be able to experience the technology like never before and hope to become the World's famous Metaverse Platform soon.”

Prashant Rampurkar, Director of Growth and Partnerships said, “This is a milestone moment for Wiztales and I feel thrilled and fortunate to stand witness. As we launch another revolutionary application, we are proud to take our customers on an exciting journey into the future. Metaverse is here to give you a realistic virtual experience of a lifetime, at the click of a button and the comfort of your home. Join us on this ride to the future, it's going to be unbelievable.”

Altyug has every feature to make the metaverse extremely realistic

  • Avatars and digital twins - Event participants can create full-body avatars or their digital twins, with multiple options to customise and styling. They can select the skin colour, apparel, face structures etc. The avatars can walk, run, climb, jump and communicate with their fellow participants.

  • Real-time Communication - Participants can walk around the virtual environment, go near their fellow participants and start conversing with them. Communication in the metaverse happens in a near-to-real way in physical events. Altyug provides a Multiplayer environment where you can meet your colleagues and walk up to them and strike up a conversation with them in real-time. 

  • Immersive Virtual Venues - Altyug allows the event organisers to design their virtual venue, duplicate their in-person/hybrid event place into 3D virtual form, or use our pre-designed readymade templates. Venues in the ATLYUG events can deliver a powerful, immersive and realistic experience to the users with multiple points of interaction.

  • Intuitive interactions - Avatars in the Altyug platforms are enabled with multiple movements, custom animations and gestures like walking, clapping, running, dancing, etc.

  • Gamification - Altyug has interesting inbuilt games and an integrated leader board, which will make the metaverse games highly engaging and entertaining. 

  • Brand Stores and metaverse shopping - Participants can explore the showrooms, stores or exhibitions, look for details and information about the product, see a product demo in AR, and make purchases. 

Utpal Khadagi, Director of Customer Success said “Metaverse is the internet's future, and as Wiztales, we are proud to launch our own (Made in India) Altyug (Alternate yug- as the name suggests). This will be one of the most realistic Metaverses you've ever seen, complete with lifelike avatars, networking, streaming, and much more. Users do not need to use VR to experience the world of Altyug because we support native devices. Come for the adventure, but stay for the future.”

For Product details, visit - https://www.wiztales.com/product/altyug 

This will be a great opportunity for retail brands as the newly developed technology will be a one-stop solution for brands to acquire customers in the metaverse and gauge traction to their brand product. Since all of the experience is on real-time bases, the brands can receive instant orders from customers, receive feedback on their products and understand the taste and preferences of the customers. The launch of Altyug will surely revolutionize the whole industry by providing the best virtual experience and promoting a whole new outlook for this ever-evolving industry. These developments would surely embark a stepping stone for future industry players.

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Krishna Malhotra, Wiztales: The imaginative future is turning into reality. The future that we have seen in movies is not far from reality today.

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