Repos launches ‘Hai Hausla Hai Junoon’ to celebrate 75th Independence Day

Industry Watch | August 1, 2022 | News

Hai Hausla Hai Junoon Repos

To celebrate the 75 years of Independence, Repos launches ‘Hai Hausla Hai Junoon’ along with its 2000+ partners and operations in 220+ cities on July 30. On this Independence Day, Repos desires to celebrate the unsung heroes of the Indian road and give them the recognition they deserve. They hope to highlight the struggles and challenges of this community while opening a discourse for solutions that Repos could provide them. 

Repos has released a song that celebrates these heroes' spirit, determination, and courage as the first step toward their Fuelling India campaign. The song launch is a 'first of its kind' initiative by a start-up. It is launched on Repos's ethos towards transforming India's mobile energy distribution and making clean energy available at the end consumer's doorstep. This song would resonate with every Indian, no matter who they are.

Ashish Kulkarni has sung this song to appeal to every young entrepreneur never to lose hope and that India is the story the world is waiting for.  "Hai Hausla Hai Junoon" is the story of every young Indians determination to contribute to the growth of India as it marches towards become a superpower in the coming decade. The song aims to become an anthem that celebrates the heroes of their Fuelling India campaign and the larger populace who aspire to do something for the nation's good. It motivates everyone to continue dreaming and aspiring by forging a new path to rise and shine. 

Chetan Walunj, Founder, Repos said, "We believe music can connect, encourage changes and touch people's lives. Therefore, we are delighted to launch "Hai Hausla Hai Junoon". We are proud of our Fueling India campaign and our humble initiatives to contribute to the economy while India strides to evolve into a superpower. Repos truly believes in innovation, and we trust this song will help inspire people never to lose hope. I'm grateful to Ashish Kulkarni for giving his voice to this cause."

Aditi Bhosale Walunj, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Repos said, "This song stands for many individuals who do their duty silently and rarely ever get to be in the limelight. The world has always bowed down to heroes from fields like emergency services, defence, academics, sports, and politics, but many other sections rarely get the recognition they deserve. One such section comprises the warriors who keep the wheels of our nation running. These heroes are part of the 3rd largest road-transport network in the world. These men and women travel the country to haul goods and provide services so that we can have all the conveniences we enjoy daily. From food to medicines to clothes to other necessities, none of it would be possible without the transport and logistical fraction of the Indian workforce. Repos has launched "Hai Hausla Hai Junoon" as a tribute to this workforce."

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Repos has released a song on July 30, that celebrates these heroes' spirit, determination, and courage as the first step toward their Fuelling India campaign.

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