EEMA hosts the Uttar Pradesh Rendezvous at Golden Blossom Imperial Resort in Lucknow

Industry Watch | July 22, 2022 | News

EEMA Uttar Pradesh Rendezvous Lucknow Event and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA)

The Event and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA), India's apex body of events today,  hosted their Uttar Pradesh Rendezvous at Golden Blossom Imperial Resort in Lucknow.

EEMA aimed to create a strong presence in the state, the event welcomed its new and existing members for an interactive meet and greet. The agenda showcased the association’s key milestones achieved and its future objectives of spreading footprints in the culturally rich state of Uttar Pradesh and initiating new policies and efforts with the government bodies for further development.

The event began with the Lamp lighting ceremony by the coveted members along with Roshan Abbas, President, EEMA; Prerana Saxena, VP, North, Ruchin Kohli, Joint Secretary, North; Vinod Janardhan, Joint Secretary, West and Himanshu Pandey, Member EEMA. Prerana Saxena, VP, North welcomed everyone with her opening address.

Taking the momentum forward, Roshan Abbas took over and shared on how the pandemic had affected the event community, but the unity and the positivity within it has always kept it moving. He highlighted the creation of EEMA SOPs for conducting Safe Events which when created were quite appreciated by various Government Bodies and the event community at large. Not just this, during the second wave of the covid pandemic, the event community stepped up to support humanity and provided help and assistance to the people with their genuine and planned efforts.

Roshan emphasised on ‘Manoranjan Nahi Aayojan’, which meant that the industry just does not entertain but organises. He explained the relevance of how the industry performs and delivers the best. Events have also become a career choice for the youth today. Youngsters are keen and passionate about events and look forward to it as a full time option. Moving further, he explained the need for an Association and the power it holds. There are various ills that exist in the community, but when an association is formed, it fights, helps and protects the interest of the industry. He shared how EEMA is also the only national association with a unified voice that leads dialogue within its members and with government, Statutory Bodies, Taxation Authorities, Private and Municipal Licensing Bodies, Corporate Industry, Vendors and Artists. With this he encouraged people to actively become members of the apex body which will help in the overall development of the experiential community.  

Roshan shared a glimpse of the platform of the experiential space, EEMAGINE 2022, the ‘Maha-Kumbh’ of the experiential industry, scheduled from August 5 to 7, at Fairmont Jaipur. He described on how EEMAGINE is considered as a melting pot of ideators, visionaries, designers, thought leaders, marketing gurus, entrepreneurs, innovators, and policy makers. Not just this, it celebrates leading-edge innovations by integrating collective experiences and bringing them forth in the most inclusive and inspiring way at the ultimate platform for worldwide recognition and business opportunities, and also brings together over 1000+ professionals from across India. EEMAGINE as a part of their three day convention hosts the most prestigious and coveted EEMAX Global and Spotlight Awards.

This year EEMAGINE is all set to be hosted with pomp and show. It aims to host dialogues between Indian and International event planners along with showcasing the best sustainable practices for events. It’ll also present key discussions with renowned MICE players and Hospitality chains. Other agendas such as a global outreach program to exhibit India as a Premier wedding destination amidst international wedding planners and wedding travel agencies and key discussions on Wedding Tourism to be the focus in the new Tourism Policy, would also be a part of various discussions.

Roshan Abbas, President EEMA, said, “As we are back, all re-fresh and re-loaded, it is time that we re-EEMAGINE the way forward for our businesses and the industry. We are excited to welcome EEMAGINE, with utmost positivity and enthusiasm this year. I would urge people to participate and be a part of this power packed convention.” He further added, “We are grateful to the EEMA North Team for actively leading this initiative and making it successful.”

Prerana Saxena, VP North, said, “Lucknow has been the culture hub of the country. We’ve had a limited presence in the state but we were eying for more. The joining of new members today is a strong development for EEMA and we also look forward to many more joining in. I would like to share a special note of thanks for Mr. Ruchin Kohli, Joint Secretary, EEMA North and Mr. Himanshu Panday, our active member from UP for spearheading this overall event. As EEMAGINE 2022 has been announced, we would request people of the event fraternity to actively participate in it.”

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The agenda showcased the association’s achieved and future objectives of spreading footprints in the state of Uttar Pradesh and initiating new policies and efforts with the government bodies.

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