Wiztales launches Wizit, an app that merges the virtual and physical with new-age technology

Industry Watch | July 19, 2022 | Promo Feature

Wiztales Wizit

Wiztales, the world's fastest-growing Event Tech Platform established in 2018  merges the energy of live events with the sophistication of the virtual world, they enable organizations to create unrivaled event experiences for audiences throughout the globe. 

Wiztales launches Wizit, an in-person event experience app, as a venture into offline and hybrid events. Wizit is a software that can extend the reach of an event and give audiences one-of-a-kind experiences.

Wizit, a cutting-edge, device-neutral app for in-person DIY event experiences, connects both physical and virtual users to the event's content, exhibitors, other attendees, live notifications and much more in real-time.

Wizit can assist with the following:

  • Provides seamless, effortless participant management & check-in experiences.
  • Gamify your in-person events and drive data from them. Get better ROI insights even from a physical event.
  • No headache of making your audience install another app for another event with our device-agnostic approach
  • Keep your audience engaged and informed throughout the event.
  • Own your event app and make changes on the fly.
  • Open new avenues for the online and offline audiences to interact with each other.

Sumanyu Soniwal, Founder & CEO, Wiztales said, “Event apps have always been crucial and after pandemic it has become a necessity for the on-ground events. Wizit is our most genuine and intelligent approach towards creating an experience with Event apps that the Indian Event Industry has never seen before.”

“An industry that has always lived on physical experience and dependent on face 2 face interaction has now evolved to virtual and one to many interactions and with that we have also evolved from virtual to hybrid, in experience and metaverse technology with the launch of our Wizit and Altyug applications that will revolutionize the future interaction experience” adds Krishna Malhotra, Co-Founder & CTO, Wiztales

“Post-pandemic, the event industry is slowly moving towards a hybrid model, covering both physical and virtual events. Wizit and Wiz365, as an integrated or as a standalone solution will enable event organisers to conduct virtual, hybrid or in-person events successfully” stated Ali Sadhik Shaik, VP, Product & Strategy, Wiztales

For offline event planners, Wizit offers the following: 

Device Agnostic Approach:

Wizit can be downloaded from the Android & iOS marketplace while it can also be accessed via Mobile Browsers and Laptops making it very convenient for offline and online attendees to share same space without any hassle to download an additional app.

Registration and Agenda

Wizit helps to create customised, one-of-a-kind event registration pages, SSO for business events, and pass/badge printing functionality. With a few quick clicks, you can upload last-minute agenda updates and revisions and create a dynamic speaker profile.

Ticketing & Events Check-ins 

With Wizit, one can create a seamless ticketing portal for your event in minutes. Take payments or allow access to pre-registered users. 

Live Streaming & Unified Communication

Wizit expands the audience of your physical events by hosting them online. This will enable both in-person and online attendees to communicate, ask questions, and participate in polls in a smooth two-way communication. Make critical and significant announcements live and send out push notifications.

Real time Engagements

With Wizit, now attendees can ask questions during a live session and the approved questions can be displayed behind the speaker on the screen. Taking Feedback, audience polls, opinions & votes is now a breeze with Wizit. Polls can be scheduled or pushed at any time and responses can be recorded and even displayed on big screens.

Wizit allows participants to now have a copy of all the documents that the speaker is referring to. Save cost on handouts with Wizit Easy Document Sharing. Engage the Audience with a plethora of pre-function activities ranging from 70+ engaging games attached to a leaderboard, a variety of photo booths, a live social feed where the audience can share anything (moderation is taken care of) & 30+ options to choose from.

Lead generation and Networking 

Wizit helps participants network better with their AI based matchmaking and drive more connections using our profile scanning capabilities. Allow your participants to network with other participants in an on-ground event.

Deep Integration of QR Codes:

QR codes deeply integrated into Wizit. QR codes will be used for:

  • Checking in into the event
  • Checking in into the sessions
  • Access control with in the event venue
  • Lead capturing (Exhbitors and business can capture new leads just by scanning a user’s QR code)
  • Networking (Particpants can exchange contacts just by scanning the QR codes)
  • Gamification (Venue gamification is in-built into the app using QR codes)
  • AR & VR Experiences (Push AR & VR experiences directly inside your event app)

Data & Analytics

Wizit helps measure ROI for your in-person events using our detailed and intuitive analytics dashboards. 

Utpal Khadagi, Director of Customer Success, Wiztales commented, “ ’WIZIT’ is that ‘Wizard’ which is curated and created by Wiztales and is a One-Stop Solution for a Brand to host all their Hybrid Events. ‘Convenience and experience’ are the keywords that team has focused on to develop this marvelous solution. I can positively quote this - One experience of this product will only lead to recurring experiences. I am truly confident that the team will very soon relish for all their endeavors.”

Prashant Rampurkar, Director, Growth Strategy and Partnerships, Wiztales asserts, “Wizit is the revolutionary app we have all been waiting for, to connect our valued customers with on-ground as well as virtual events at the click of a button. The effort that has gone into making this happen is meticulous and far-reaching, and I'm incredibly proud of the team. I am thrilled to watch the progress we are now heading towards!”

For product details visit - https://wiztales.com/product/wizit

For a demo visit - https://calendly.com/wiztales/wizit 

For editorial related queries, reach us at edit@eventfaqs.com

Wizit, a device-neutral app for in-person DIY event experiences, connects both physical and virtual users to the event's content, exhibitors, other attendees, live notifications and more.

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