Krayonz Entertainment executes a 3-day extravaganza at Suryagarh

Weddings | July 7, 2022 | News

Krayonz Entertainment

#GazGetsModyfied, a 3-day wedding conceptualised by Krayonz Entertainment at the epitome of grandeur, Suryagarh in March with inspiration torn from the pages of modern-day royalty and fairy tales combined - with a touch of out and out luxury. 

Bang in the middle of the evolving pandemic, Krayonz Entertainment managed to pull off a 3-day extravaganza, true to every fragment of the bride's vision. 

With an entourage of about 300 guests all flown on chartered flights, each and every detail was customised to commemorate the beautiful couple in every way. With top entertainment acts from artists around the world, to decor that surpassed all expectations, alongside catering and hospitality that was unmatched - there was most definitely no stone left unturned. 


The entrance at Suryagarh was envisioned to look like a portal to an ethereal land, predominant with midnight blue hues. The garden pathway was adorned with Arabic design inspired lamps that hung from the tree branches, whilst the grass was beaded with LED lights. 

The decor was designed by Baneet from Seven Steps Wedding & executed by Vivaah wedding decor stylist, every detail was looked into so that it matched the theme. From custom cocktail stirrers that contained imaginatively concocted cocktails - to a stage that was made to represent a magnificent cluster of butterflies captured in motion amidst an enchanted forest. 

We had the Illuminati dance crew setting the stage on fire, with DJ AJ in the house and DJokerBartender setting the bar on fire among other talented artists. Of course no one could take their eyes off of the beautiful bride that made her grand entrance on the stage and seamlessly transitioned into a charming performance that left the groom teary eyed.

Agrabah Dunes:

Bang in the middle of the majestic Thar desert, Krayonz Entertainment threw one of the biggest celebrations of this wedding - The Agrabah Dune Party. 

The entrance was filled with a mini flea market and magical carpets adorned the entrance, there were Arabian nights themed lamps at every corner and even a live violinist welcoming the guests with charming tunes. The bride and groom made a spectacular entrance on a dune buggy, and the bride looked like a 21st century Jasmine. 

The guests were brought in on authentic camel rides at sunset, they were greeted with unique cocktails and a tailor-made designed menu from the kitchens of Suryagarh, as they moved from sunset to twilight. 

Krayonz Entertainment team spent 3 days staying in the middle of the dunes to pull off the setup that consisted of a life-sized genie, fire and laser performers, exotic dancers and guests enjoying them from their cabanas, a live projection on the Dunes of interactive visuals of Aladdin and of course, fireworks. 

Met Gala:

One of the very first times in India, Ghazala and Nirav’s wedding reception was a MET Gala themed extravaganza. Transporting every guest all the way to 5th Avenue, Manhattan, NYC, Krayonz Entertainment made sure they replicated it with every minute detail falling in line.

Krayonz Entertainment had a horde of paparazzi ready to pap the guests as they presented their best for this lexicon of fashion - followed by presenters showcasing the girl in the champagne glass act, two-in-one act and lady in red act. The decor triumphed all with outstanding elements like ‘The Champagne Wall’ - once a guest enters, they ring a bell and mysteriously a hand appears with a glass of champagne from a wall of roses.

There was even a jail that held those that committed the ultimate fashion crime, ‘being underdressed’. Whilst those that went all the way were awarded by the mothers of the bride and groom, selected by a panel of friends and family a.k.a judges. 

The perfect end to the perfect wedding, the party went on till wee hours of the night with foot tapping music performed by the very special band “Best Kept Secret” followed by DJ AJ. 


Krayonz Entertainment incorporated the entire water body that overlooked the Suryagarh palace and had the event happen at the golden hour. The bride walked along with her bridesmaids, towards the varmala stage that was beautifully adorned with floral art. The guests were on the other side of the palace - watching over. 

It was beautiful to see how they greeted each other, Nirav doing adaab and Ghazalah with the traditional namaste. Celebrating the essence of love in every form, this moment was definitely unforgettable for everyone present.

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Bang in the middle of the evolving pandemic, Krayonz Entertainment managed to pull off a 3-day wedding, true to every fragment of the bride's vision.

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