Yamaha celebrates 67th anniversary with the theme ‘Ties in a New Age’

Industry Watch | July 1, 2022 | Press Release

Yamaha Motors Ties in a New Age

Yamaha Motor Company completes its 67 Years of journey with rich racing history, innovations, and a commitment to deliver exciting, stylish, and sporty products starting with its first production model, the YA-1.

The foundation day also called as the "Yamaha Day". It is celebrated across the globe with an aim to encourage Yamaha employees worldwide to gain a better understanding towards the brand and ultimately manifest "The unique style of Yamaha" through products and services.

Yamaha Motor India (YMI) Group celebrated the 67th anniversary of its parent company at YMI’s Corporate Office in Chennai, and its factory locations in Kanchipuram and Surajpur, by focusing on this year’s theme of ‘Ties in a New Age’.

Several activities were conducted by Yamaha Motor India (YMI) Group to educate employees on the journey of the brand since 1955, its plans going forward, and consistent efforts to develop innovative technologies to meet the personal mobility requirements of the customers in future. During the event, employees also shared memorable stories about their journey with Yamaha.

On the other hand, Yamaha Dealers across India celebrated Yamaha Day by inviting customers in their regions. The dealerships organized a cake cutting ceremony for these customers and also gave them a brief insight on the company’s rich legacy and the popular products introduced since its inception.

Yamaha also organized a ride with its Blue Streaks Riding Community in 10 cities, which includes Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Kochi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata and Guwahati, to strengthen its social ties in these regions. The company also partnered with Child Rights and You (CRY), a Non-Government Organization, to conduct this engagement activity in Delhi. On the auspicious day, customers who were part of the Blue Streaks Community rode down to NGOs in the respective cities on their Yamaha machines, to connect with 400 children from underserved communities. This engagement activity allowed the customers to spend some quality time to bond with these children and contribute towards their educational needs. Customers also wrote personalized messages, motivating the children to aim for a bright future.

Eishin Chihana, Chairman, Yamaha Motor India (YMI) Group of companies, said, “The global theme for 67th Yamaha Day is “Ties in a New Age”. ‘Ties’ is one of the key principals we have always cherished as it has guided us to stay connected and build a solid bond with all our stakeholders, Employees, Dealers, Suppliers, Customers and Society. The past two years of the pandemic created a big void in human connection as the human touch was missing due to physical isolation and social distancing. Human touch is the foundation of Human connections, and we are celebrating this occasion by building Stronger Ties through Human Touch.”

He added, “Since 2018, ‘The Call of the Blue’ brand campaign has played a major role in forging stronger ties with our stakeholders. This year’s Yamaha Day theme further reiterates our commitment towards making a deeper connect with the community and build a more sustainable and prosperous future for the brand.”

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Yamaha Motor India strengthens its social ties by connecting with 400 Children at NGOs in 10 Cities, with its Blue Streaks Community.

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