myBillBook releases MSME anthem ‘Tum Kamaal Ho’ on the occasion of International MSME Day

Industry Watch | June 27, 2022 | News

myBillBook MSME Day Tum Kamaal Ho

myBillBook, launched an MSME anthem - Tum Kamaal Ho, celebrating MSMEs’ contribution to India’s growth story and helping the nation to progress on the mission of Aatmanirbhar Bharat. The anthem was released by myBillBook’s brand ambassador Manoj Bajpayee on the occasion of MSME Day 2022, widely commemorated on the 27th of June every year.  It essentially captures the challenges MSMEs face in their day-to-day operations and the courage and ingenuity they display in devising innovative solutions.

The four-minute anthem video gives glimpses of the hopes, aspirations, struggles and the indomitable spirit of India’s MSMEs - the likes of wholesalers, distributors, small-scale manufacturers, general stores, self-owned businesses, service providers, and retailers and encapsulates the narrative of expressing confidence in them for shaping the country's economy.

While the new anthem song instituted by myBillBook drives a larger MSME industry messaging, it also emphasizes the value that digitization and technology could offer MSMEs. The video also champions the cause of amplifying MSMEs reach and business growth by helping them to adopt new-age digital and tech tools for business acceleration. It echoes how various stakeholders, the MSME fraternity, and modern platforms could come together for a sustainable future.

Rahul Raj, Co-founder and CEO, FloBiz said, “The MSME Anthem - Tum Kamaal Ho video is our tribute and salute to the spirit of MSMEs who strive hard each day to grow further in their business and simultaneously push India’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat mission ahead. At FloBiz, the International MSME Day is regarded with high reverence. We have done our best to speak to the community directly through our video and it’s a sincere initiative to inspire belief in oneself and the larger industry towards taking the first step in pursuing their dreams of self-reliance. It remains our endeavor through our business as well as marketing campaigns to help the small scale businesses achieve accelerated growth and take pride in their work as much as we do in theirs.”

Pulkit Saboo, Director and Brand Marketing, Flobiz said, “This MSME day, we wanted to speak to the hearts of Indian businessmen. Awards and webinars as a concept lack novelty and are devoid of emotions and clearly do not provide any inspiration. The MSME anthem is a testimony to us being the true champions for MSMEs and we have attempted to emotionally connect with every individual who aspires to start a business or who has already dared to brave the challenges and write his/her own destiny. Multiple teams including the song composers, production unit and our marketing team members have worked day and night with a deep sense of passion to come up with this musical and visual delight. This will effectively enhance our long-term marketing and communication strategies in connecting with our end customers as we sincerely hope that for them this song becomes the daily dose of re-energising and reminding oneself of the fact - Oh Vyapaari, Tum Kamaal Ho!”

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Rahul Raj, Co-founder and CEO, FloBiz said, “The MSME Anthem - Tum Kamaal Ho video is our tribute and salute to the spirit of MSMEs who strive hard each day to grow further in their business"

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