Roshan Abbas's R.A.P to revolutionize the way people look at visual content production

Industry Watch | June 27, 2022 | Promo Feature

Roshan Abbas Roshan Abbas Productions

Roshan Abbas has launched Roshan Abbas Productions (R.A.P) to revolutionize the way people look at visual content production. R.A.P. blends the ability and organizational prowess of experiential marketing experts with the keen eye and creative thinking of experienced visual content designers, in an industry culture where everyone is turning to hyper-focused specialized agencies.

R.A.P. has the unique ability to not only grasp the nuances of each type of event but also to anticipate ways in which it might be made richer, more personalized and more visually memorable as a production house. R.A.P. is positioned as a one-stop solution for all things related to an idea and its visual presentation.

“We’re here to argue that efficient, enigmatic, and intimate visual experiences don’t have to be available only at niche agencies - R.A.P. wants to transform even your most 'mundane' asks into integrated, cinematic experiences,” said Roshan Abbas.

R.A.P.'s access to the best resources is unmatched, delivering products in collaboration with industry titans and excellent quality in record time, owing to his name at the helm and a team of seasoned industry professionals leading the ship.

This isn't just rhetoric; despite the fact that the production house is new, the aggregate experience of its founders and strategists exceeds that of most of its competitors. This enables them to be a true one-stop destination, providing solutions in a range of sectors, each customized to the space's capabilities, allowing them to create rich experiences for both companies and consumers.

R.A.P's specialization includes:
- Ad films
- Customized BG score, branded anthems or jingles
- Corporate films
- Event Coverage
- Campus films
- OTT Content
- Bespoke Films
- Wedding Showreels
- 3D Mapping
- Technologically-integrated content (VR, AR, etc)
- Social Media-specific content

This production house isn't simply a start-up; it's the first step toward viewing content creation as a more dynamic process, one that ensures speed while maintaining quality and leaving a lasting impression.

For more details contact: Radhika Bubna - 9820544233

For editorial related queries, reach us at

This production house isn’t just a new venture, it’s the first step towards looking at content creation as a more dynamic process - one that guarantees speed with quality and memorable walk-aways.

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