Roshan Abbas and Deepak Choudhary Build A New ‘XPRNC’ in the City of Experiences, Dubai

Industry Watch | March 30, 2022 | Interview

Roshan Abbas Deepak Choudhary XPRNC

It needs change-makers to see an opportunity and execute it. There are many dreamers, but what this world needs are doers.
Working on these lines, UAE turned out to be the new playground for IPs and festivals for two of the Media industry’s veterans - Roshan Abbas and Deepak Choudhary came together to launch the first Intellectual Property & Festival company in the Middle East called XPRNC.
The inception of the idea was amidst the pandemic when Deepak visited Dubai and noticed that the city had built itself on hospitality, tourism, and entertainment. In the meantime, Roshan Abbas had set up a considerable business base in the city and had closely aligned himself with the Concord Group. The Concorde Group is a prominent enterprise in the city helmed by Mr. Abdul Rahman Falaknaz, Partner of Dubai Sports City and President of the Falaknaz Group. Mr. Falaknaz had shared with Roshan what would appeal to the youth of Dubai, having a close understanding of the sports ecosystem in the city. This allowed Roshan and Deepak to further explore the eventsand  entertainment space in Dubai and the MENA region at large.
Bridging the gap

It’s no surprise that Dubai as a city attracts some of the biggest stars in the world and also hosts great concerts, but the IP business remains untapped. To bridge the gap, Roshan Abbas, with a keen eye for creative opportunities and a sharp media entrepreneur, channeled his business acumen alongside the expertise of Deepak who has an extensive experience in the space of IPs and Festivals to curate ‘XPRNC’.
Further, they have been building partnerships across the UAE to explore all kinds of IPs that range from kids to adults, to sports, to culture, to music, etc.
Speaking about building an ‘XPRNC’ for Gen Z and millennials, Roshan Abbas said, “Since Gen Z and millennials are focused on forging memories, they wish to invest time and money on experiences, they are culture blenders, and all of them have some creative side hustle. These are the perfect examples of why somebody should look at festivals and experiences in a bustling space like Dubai. The kind of IPs that we are building is for the large expat community, the large Indian diaspora and for Gen Z and millennials.”
“Dubai has not only learned how to conduct safe events but also knows how to craft events which leave a person feeling delighted. The key to this is that the city has figured out infrastructure, government support, and sponsorship,” concluded Abbas.


Roshan Abbas and Deepak Choudhary come together to launch the first Intellectual Property & Festival company in the Middle East called XPRNC.

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