IPRS Partners with Roposo for Publishing Rights for Music Distribution

Industry Watch | February 10, 2022 | News

IPRS Roposo

The Indian Performing Right Society Limited (IPRS) has announced that an agreement with Glance Digital Experience Private Limited. As a part of this partnership, Roposo, Glance’s creator-led LIVE entertainment commerce platform, will get publishing rights for distribution of the IPRS music repertoire on Roposo.

With this, music creators and publishers associated with IPRS will receive royalties for the use of the IPRS music repertoire on Roposo. IPRS members, comprising of composers, lyricists and owner publishers of music, can also benefit tremendously from Roposo’s scale to reach millions of users on the platform.

The deal with Roposo will cover the publishing rights for their services by making the same available to the end users through their platforms including the live versions by way of user videos.

“Music plays an important role in our culture, and we are determined that the songwriters, composers, and all the rights holders receive what is due to them. By entering into this agreement with IPRS, Roposo is going a long way to ensure that artists and creators ultimately benefit for their work,” said Rakesh Nigam, CEO IPRS.

“Roposo has always been committed to the creator ecosystem and we take all necessary steps to safeguard and promote the interests of artists and creators. Through this association, the members of IPRS would not only be able to potentially get their music out to millions of our users, but also there would be royalties for the songwriters and composers behind the music represented by IPRS. IPRS plays a critical role in advancing the interests of its members and we are glad that we could partner and contribute,” said Mansi Jain, Vice President & General Manager, Roposo.

The partnership will benefit IPRS members with publishing royalties for content on Roposo and enable them to leverage the platform’s scale of millions of users for visibility.

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