Brands have started seeing physical events with a new sense of respect: Shankar Ganesh, Nyka Events

Industry Watch | January 17, 2022 | Feature

Shankar Ganesh Nyka Events

2021 was challenging in more ways than one. It was not just perceptions of what an ‘event’ is that evolved, the very definition of what entails an event changed. So did constructs, strategies, objectives and execution.

Even as the pandemic taught the event industry invaluable lessons on adapting and pivoting to survive and thrive, live event attendees and clients realised  that the void  created by the absence of in-person events due to Covid 19 was impossible to fill, notes Shankar Ganesh, Founder, Nyka Events. 

EVENTFAQS Media reached out to stakeholders to understand their views on ‘normal’ physical events returning and his ‘highest high’ and ‘lowest low’ of 2021. 

“Brands have started seeing physical events with a new sense of respect”
- Shankar Ganesh, Founder, Nyka Events

2021 was a very eventful year. The year opened well with brands showing the inclination of coming out of the Covid-induced stupor. The highlight business-wise was definitely the bounce back in the first quarter of 2021. To my mind, it helped many organisations that had borne the brunt of the 2020 lockdown come out of the financial mess with their heads above water.

The low point was definitely the delta outbreak which wreaked havoc in the lives of everyone. More than the lockdown, it was the loss of lives that hit everyone the most. Death now had a name. Many of us lost family and friends due to Covid-induced illnesses during wave two.

Without doubt, physical events are back. During the delta-induced lockdown, corporates took to virtual events immediately. They were happy that events could still take place at a fraction of the cost of a physical one. But this exposed the one major flaw of digital events – the lack of human interaction and warmth which only physical events can provide.

I can safely say that brands have started seeing physical events with a new sense of respect. This current lockdown is just a blip. Brands are all biding their time for the wave to subside. This is evident from the fact that most brands aren’t converting their already planned physical events into digital ones. They are just biding their time.

EVENTFAQS Media reached out to stakeholders and asked them to recall their ‘highest high’ and ‘lowest low’ of 2021 and understand their outlook for a return to ‘normal’ physical events in 2022.

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