PVR Installs Air Sterilisation Device ‘UFO-Wolf AirMask’

Industry Watch | November 25, 2021 | News

PVR UFO-Wolf AirMask Allabout Innovations

PVR Cinemas has partnered with UFO Moviez to install an air sterilisation device ‘UFO-Wolf AirMask’ at its theatres. The product made by Allabout Innovations that emits negative ions destroying protein covers of virus or bacteria was launched in the presence of actor-producer John Abraham at PVR Juhu, Mumbai.

The real-time air sterilisation provides protection against all kinds of harmful bacteria, viruses and microbes in the air and surfaces, informed an official statement.  It was successfully tested on SARS Covid-2 virus at Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Trivandrum, an ICMR-recognised and ILAC-accredited Lab (International), it added.  The device would be installed in the auditoriums, lobbies and washrooms. 

Gautam Dutta, CEO, PVR, said, “As a responsible organisation, we are strictly adhering to all health and safety protocols for the wellbeing of our guests and employees. We are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with UFO Moviez for the installation of UFO-Wolf AirMask in our theatres as part of our new technology adoption initiatives. The revolutionary technology that powers this device stands as a testament to our ethos of placing supreme importance on safety and comfort. Through this initiative, we are confident that we will reassure our patrons on the safe environment that cinema provides to enjoy their favourite movies the way they used to.”

Kapil Agarwal, Joint Managing Director, UFO Moviez India, said, “Our association with PVR goes back to over a decade when we partnered with them to convert their screens to digital projection. We are delighted to introduce UFO-Wolf AirMask, a revolutionary technology in cinemas across the country through PVR, the leading cinema chain in India.  The Covid pandemic has resulted in the disruption of the movie-watching experience and the biggest challenge for cinema theatres is to regain the confidence of their patrons. Safety protocols such as fumigation and sanitisation are just not enough to sterilise these public spaces and there is a need to sterilise the air circulating in these areas. A safe and healthy environment will help patrons to enjoy watching movies without any fear. The efficacy of the product has been tested and certified by reputed government labs.”

Sujesh Sugunan, Chairman and CEO, Allabout Innovations, said, “Wolf AirMask when placed in a theatre will ensure that the air inside the theatre neutralises virus, bacteria, dust and odour within no time. The non-toxic and non-allergic microbial neutraliser provides super-safe ambience for people of all ages. The product ensures the purest air that one can ever breathe inside confined places and works better with air-conditioning.  It is the perfect solution for safeguarding one’s surroundings with India’s first ion-based Covid solution.”

Allabout Innovations is a technology fostering firm based in Kochi. UFO Movies is distributing this product to theatres in India on an exclusive basis. UFO-Wolf AirMask are designed and manufactured in India. These units will be installed across the country at all PVR screens and upcoming properties, the statement said.

Chain installing units made by Allabout Innovations that emit negative ions destroying protein covers of virus or bacteria; product tested on SARS Covid-2 virus at ICMR-recognised lab, say makers.

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