Chapter 2 Events Eyes Europe Market with Satellite Base in Portugal

Industry Watch | October 21, 2021 | News

Chapter 2 Events

Chapter 2 Events, a luxury wedding planning firm, has expanded its operations with a satellite base in Portugal in partnership with Martinhal Family Hotels and Resorts. 

Having a physical presence in Portugal will open up avenues across the European continent for clients and strategic partnerships, according to the agency.

Chapter 2 Events made its European foray this year with a celebration of an Indo-Lebanese wedding in Girona, Spain. 

It added that Portugal being an unexplored segment for ‘Big Fat Indian Weddings’, offers beautiful landscapes and architecture, mountains, wine regions, coastal vibes mixed with rich culture, food and entertainment and easy accessibility, making it the perfect destination to curate experiences.

“Whether it's a fairy-tale engagement at a palace in Sintra, a vintage wedding in the vineyards of the Douro Valley or a dreamy beach reception on the coasts of Algarve, Portugal, world's leading destination, offers an unforgettable dream Indian wedding destination. Portugal offers a perfect blend of luxury, history and nature with a refined taste. We are committed to providing support to partners like Chapter 2 Events, to promote unique celebrations in Portugal,” said Claudia Matias, Director – India, Turismo de Portugal (Portugal  Tourism).

“We used this occasion to re-strategise and expand our geographical reach to increase our offerings and move closer to our vision of discovering unexplored destinations for our clientele. The idea to set up a base in Europe was germinated on these travels owing to the demands for authentic and uncliched experiences from our clients. With strategic partners like Visit Portugal and Martinhal supporting this endeavour, we are really excited to bring forth larger than life celebrations to Europe,” said Kunal Laungani, Founder, Chapter 2 Events. 

The Martinhal Family Hotels and Resorts in Sagres is surrounded with carved cliffs and sea. 

Chitra Stern, Owner and CMO, Martinhal Family Hotels & Resorts, said, “We are very happy to welcome Chapter 2 Events to their new base at Martinhal and we also hope to welcome many more family celebrations in our luxury resorts for families across the globe including Portugal! With Chapter 2 Events onboard, we are looking forward to bringing new clientele to Portugal – increasing the awareness about our amazing country in the western corner of Europe.” 

Luxury wedding planning firm creates physical presence in new market in partnership with Martinhal Family Hotels and Resorts.

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