Maharashtra Hosts Webinar Series to Boost Adventure Tourism

Industry Watch | October 18, 2021 | News

Directorate of Tourism (DoT)

Maharashtra’s Directorate of Tourism (DoT) has initiated a month-long webinar on adventure tourism and its potential in the state. Starting 11 October, eight sessions are being hosted on a topic  each with the last session on 29 October 2021.

Dr. Dhananjay Sawalkar, Joint Director of Directorate of Tourism, and Vasant Limaye, Founder of High Places Management, conducted the first session that focused on the adventure tourism policy of Maharashtra. Over 100 participants attended.

During the webinar, Sawalkar said, “This policy is dynamic and flexible. It wasn’t made in one day; hence, a lot of research has gone into creating it and we are still open for suggestions from our stakeholders.”

The upcoming sessions will be conducted on topics like ‘All Types of Climbing’, ‘Rope Course & Rope Adventures’, ‘Adventure Sports (Cycling, Nature Trails, etc.)’, ‘Scuba Diving and Water Sports (Rafting, Boating, Kayaking, etc.)’, ‘Paragliding and Air Adventure Activities’ and ‘Adventure and Safety’.

Experts from different fields will conduct the webinars. Among them are sky diver and Padmashree award recipient Sheetal Mahajan, scuba diver Sarang Kulkarni and Everest climber Surendra Chavan.

Tourism trainer from DoT Manoj Hadwale and founder of Team Outdoor Jitendra Deshmukh are the coordinators of the webinars.

This initiative aims to create awareness about adventure tourism in the state and the adventure tourism policy. The Maharashtra government had recently unveiled its adventure tourism policy keeping in mind the potential for development. The policy focuses on regulating adventure activities conducted on air, land and water.

Initiative aims to create awareness about adventure tourism and the state government’s recently unveiled policy on the subject.

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