100 Pipers’ ‘100 Gigs Play for a Cause’ Enters Limca Book of Records

Industry Watch | October 7, 2021 | News

Mirchi 100 Gigs Play for a Cause Wavemaker

Mirchi, a music and entertainment company (formerly Radio Mirchi), activated a country-wide campaign for 100 Pipers titled ‘100 Gigs Play for a Cause’ in 2019, which has now entered the Limca Book of Records. With 108 gigs hosted at 108 different locations across 27 cities, the brand claims to have curated ‘the largest musical movement in India’.

Conceptualised by Wavemaker and executed by Mirchi, the campaign was aimed at creating awareness around social and environmental issues pertaining to each of the 27 cities.

The campaign addressed 15 different social causes, witnessed over 50,000 attendees across the country, and garnered over 40 million impressions on social media.

The initiative was an extension of Pernod Ricard’s whisky brand 100 Pipers’ ‘Play for a cause’ IP, which has seen music concerts in multiple cities but on a smaller scale.

With the 2019 event, 100 pipers wanted to highlight the need to stop air pollution in Delhi and Gurgaon, attain gender equality in Jaipur, and drive attention towards the significance of saving water in Chandigarh, Mohali and Ludhiana, among other city-specific concerns.

Organisers roped in bands like Parikrama, The Local Train, Agnee and Goshai Gang, among others, to perform simultaneously across the 27 cities.

Nandan Srinath, Executive President, Mirchi, said, “In 2019, 100 Pipers aimed to build awareness for multiple social and environmental causes across cities. With our core proposition of creating tailormade solutions for our client’s marketing objectives, we curated an extremely unique campaign that held 108 gigs simultaneously in 27 cities for the causes. We leveraged our creative might, sectoral expertise, and hyperlocal strength to roll out this large-scale campaign successfully. We are so thrilled to have our efforts recognised and to have the client campaign be a part of the iconic Limca Book of Records 2021.”

Kartik Mohindra, Chief Marketing Officer, Pernod Ricard India, said, “Seagram’s 100 Pipers believes in leadership with brand purpose. Over the years, it has celebrated several social causes that resonate deeply with the brand’s discerning and caring consumers. The 100 Pipers’ ‘Play for a Cause’ had brought together, on a single day, 107 celebrated musicians and bands across 27 cities to generate awareness about 15 adopted causes like pollution control, save the hills, celebrate & revive dying arts of India, save the oceans, environment protection, meals for underprivileged, single-use plastic nan, earthquake & flood relief, rain water harvesting to name a few.  The entire country resonated with the sound of goodness with over 100 gigs in one single day, bringing alive our proposition ‘Be Remembered for Good’. We are humbled and honored that the ‘Initiative with Purpose’ is now in the Limca Book of records, the epitome of recognition of our social effort.”

Mirchi amplified the campaign by leveraging its on-air platforms, RJ networks as well as digital assets.

Building on the brand’s ‘Play for a cause’ IP, Wavemaker conceptualised over 100 concerts on the same day in 27 cities with 50,000 attendees, which were executed and amplified by Mirchi.

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