Jagran Solutions Executes Content Sampling for & TV’s New Show

Industry Watch | August 20, 2021 | News

Jagran Solutions &TV

Jagran Solutions managed and executed a content sampling-led branding and engagement activation for & TV’s new show, Ghar Ek Mandir - Kripa Agrasen Maharaj Ki at targeted locations across North India from 6 to 10 August 2021.

The activation was executed in 4 cities including Agroha Dham- Hisar (Temples), Chandigarh, Delhi and Jaipur (Bhawans) and the agency puts the number of people engaged at around 2000. The team engaged the audience for a 2 hours event - with 30 mins content related to Ghar Ek Mandir- Kripa Agrasen Maharaj Ki.

Screens were installed and audiences were invited through WhatsApp blasts which included a creative of the show along with the time, date and address. Branded cut-outs and standees were also placed in the premises.

Samrender Singh, Associate Vice President, Jagran Solutions, stated, “Following the dynamic nature of regulations in the time of the pandemic is the mark of an effective execution, and our team has managed to do that effectively at multiple locations.”

Pawan Bansal, COO at Jagran Solutions, stated, “I am proud of my diligent team that has managed to pull this execution flawlessly, and the faith that & TV has entrusted in us.”

Social distancing norms and other set government guidelines were followed with Varun Shah, Assistant Manager, Jagran Solutions, taking responsibility of managing the protocol and execution, informed organisers.

Five-day activity executed in various locations; agency puts people engaged at around 2,000.

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