Enfluenza to Launch IICA to Honor Social Media Influencers

Industry Watch | July 27, 2021 | News

Enfluenza IICA

Marketing and advertising agency Enfluenza has announced the debut edition of India Influencer Confluence & Awards 2021. The event will honour over 50 social media influencers across 19 consumer categories and five special awards.

A total of 200 influencers (10 in each category) with an average follower of 3mn each will be nominated for the awards.

Winners will be decided on the basis of AI-backed data and analytics, category-specific jury, submission of material from influencers themselves and popular vote to leverage their fan following.

Partners for IICA 2021 include Gravity Concepts (Event Partner), Creative Concierge (Creative Partner), India Speakers Bureau (Speaker Partner) and Naarad PR (PR Partner).

Besides the awards, influencers, media and brand executives and government representatives will discuss through virtual panel discussions the impact of social media influencer marketing. The event scheduled tentatively for end-August 2021 is to be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube.

Anand Nigam, Founding Partner, Enfluenza and Curator of IICA, said, “The marketing geniuses of the world could well be amoebae. Even amid the pandemic, they developed their nuclei. And how! This is evident from the fact that though ad usage among influencers partnered with brands showed an initial decrease, it soon changed course to move upwards with the effective movement towards smaller influencers that offer more value in limited budgets. The use of influencer marketing might well be even more prevalent going forward as brands seek newer ways to connect with the audience.”

“IICA aims to maximize the potential of the influencer ecosystem and take it a few notches up. The idea is to not just award celebrated, successful, and emerging influencers and showcase their talent, but also be the beacon that guides brands on their choice of influencers in the chaotic open influencer market, thus bringing about grist to the mill for every rupee shelled out by the brand,” Nigam added.

Raj Mutreja, Founder and Managing Director, Gravity Concepts, said, “Influencers have added an entire new outlook into the term marketing by entertaining and educating a large portion of the youth on a day-to-day basis and hence the scope of growth is phenomenal. Gravity Concepts, which is an experiential marketing agency, always keeps a keen eye to the current trend and try to implement the same for our varied clients. We were looking forward to an opportunity to honor these very same influencers by a profound medium and hence came on board as an event partner for IICA. The experience of implementing over 200 virtual events and being a partner to various R&R events would help us deliver an amazing experience to all the partners who would be on board on the day of the event.”

Anusha Srinivasan Iyer, Founder and MD, Naarad PR & Image Strategists, said, “The Influencer marketing industry is taking flight and is set to be a $15 billion dollar industry by next year. The future will see brands merge content marketing, influencer marketing and social media marketing. The focus will move towards finding and partnering with influencers sharing similar values. Long-term relationships will replace contractual onboarding. In such a scenario, IICA is an amazing one-of-a-kind, revolutionary initiative by Anand Nigam. It takes vision, belief, and energy to dream of an event of this scale and then turn it into reality. We are privileged to partner with this project. Let me leave you with one thought that speaks for the importance of IICA. In the last three years alone, the number of Google searches for 'influencer marketing’ has increased by 1500%. Need we say more?”

Ankita Vajarkar, Founding Partner, Creative Concierge, said, “As soon as social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube made it possible for the average person to become a content creator, the game officially changed. Resulting today in almost 49% of people relying on recommendations from influencers when making purchase decisions. Influencer marketing has provided brands and influencers a platform to come together and enhance the value of a brand or its products and connect with the people in infinite creative ways possible. It’s known to us that it’s people who break through the noise and people trust people. IICA, being an amazingly thought-through initiative in this current pandemic, is putting up a much-needed celebration for these people and with the vision that it engulfs, it’s going to create an uprising in the space of influencer marketing. We, at Creative Concierge, are proud to be the design and creative partner for IICA, making this journey even more native and bringing out the connect between the brand and the influencers.”

Sunny Makasare, Chief Visionary, Eventspedia.in, said, “In year 2020, marketing trends are going digital and hence the experiential marketing tactics are on the rise. And further energizing these experiential campaigns are social media influencers. The merging of experiential and influencer marketing is already happening, and the results are doubly effective. Many more brands are learning to establish influencer relationships ahead of time and ask their influencers to play a significant role in the launch of an experiential marketing event. IICA promises to deliver a gathering of best of the brands and influencers which will enlighten the experiential marketers with great insights and learning of trends. This is an event no marketer should miss!”

200 influencers with an average of 3mn followers each will be nominated for the awards; event tentatively slated for end-August 2021 to be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube.

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