#IndiaUnlocks2021: What's Brewing in Madhya Pradesh

Industry Watch | July 22, 2021 | Feature

Hariom Jatiya Excellence Time Entertainment

As the second wave of the Covid19 pandemic in the country continues to slow down, many states have eased event restrictions leading to a sigh of relief for the industry. EVENTFAQS Media reached out to industry stakeholders to get their view of the current situation in their state and events happening there.

In this part of the series, we asked Hariom Jatiya, Managing Director, Excellence Time Entertainment, about the level of unlocking, SOPs and events happening in Madhya Pradesh.

Jatiya said, “Covid-19 situation is now under control in Madhya Pradesh so all the cities are unlocked. The only rules are that basic Covid safety rules and regulations should be followed like wearing mask, washing hands, maintaining social distance, etc.”

“The MP government has announced that a maximum of 100 people will be allowed to attend wedding ceremonies and events. As of now we are organising a few online cultural events along with small weddings by following the Covid SOPs. But no major events are planned for the next month as we are looking forward to how the situation could change over the next few weeks.”

“We are also encouraging local folk artistes who suffered financial losses during the pandemic by hosting small events and roping them in the various cultural programmes organised by us.”

While there has been a massive loss to the tourism economy of the state due to Covid, Jatoya explained the initiatives from the government to revive the sector. He explained, “To boost tourism and revive the loss caused due to the pandemic, many tourist spots including Khajuraho, Orchha and Bhimbetka have been opened for travellers. In order to resurrect its tourism after the pandemic, and reacquaint people with the glories of the state, the government has allowed shooting of films, leading to attracting more celebrities in the state and further attracting tourists.”

Madhya Pradesh government had last issued Covid-related event guidelines on 15 July 2021.

Hariom Jatiya of Excellence Time Entertainment briefs us on the level of unlocking, SOPs, events happening in the state and initiatives by the government to revive tourism.

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