MICE, Hospitality, Design Veterans Hope to Add Sparkle to Events with ‘Iskra’

Industry Watch | July 16, 2021 | Interview

Iskra Birju Gariba Hema Hariramani Sunaina Singh

MICE veteran Birju Gariba, hotelier Hema Hariramani and set specialist Sunaina Singh launched Iskra Events & Celebrations in March 2021, with play across weddings and social events, travel and MICE, set design and production. 

In an interaction with EVENTFAQS Media, Gariba, Founder and Director, said, “Iskra which literally means spark or sparkle is the very basis of our foundation wherein the objective of the company is to create or bring about that extra spark or sparkle in every event and celebration planned. In dynamic times with the help of our skill sets amongst the founding team, we at Iskra are capable of a 360 approach to any type of events be it social or corporate.”

On how the company came to be, Gariba added, “I was actually a part of the founding team at Platinum where I spent almost 18 years organising events all over the world and then we were struck with the pandemic that forced us to get more creative in the way we do business. ‘When life throws lemons, make lemonade.’ With that spirit I thought it was the opportune time to start my own venture that would ensure a healthy balance between MICE and social events like weddings. Once the idea was formalised I went in search of partners that would strengthen the company and give it the wings to fly not feet to walk. I strongly believe great things in a business are never done by one person but a group of motivated individuals who come with skill sets that compliment yours. And with this in mind I got the idea of having a stronger base to go higher up once things open up and got in Hema Hariramani, a known name in the hospitality and hotel Industry along with Sunaina Singh who is an ace in large set design and production. We thus made a team that would ensure we are able to cater to the diverse needs of our clients.”

On establishing her new venture after two decades as a hotelier, Founder & Director Hariramani said, “I have had an enriching journey with Marriott for over two decades. It was always my dream to create and establish my own venture someday.  When I got to know about this exciting new journey which Birju was starting with Sunaina, it provided me an opportunity and a platform to fulfil my own aspirations. The icing on the cake is that it is with two reputed industry professionals. For a hotelier the event industry is not something new but it still remains a mystery. As a hotelier, when I witnessed larger than life events it always intrigued and inspired me to bring to life novel concepts and ideas. To be on this side, provides me as an individual to reimagine, explore the unexplored and conceive ideas and turn them to reality!”  

“As an expert in design and décor, my experience has led me to realise that with added expertise there is a huge scope to expand my horizon. I have been passionate about what I do and my objective to team up with Birju and Hema is primarily to further expand my reach both within India and internationally. In a way of sorts, the three of us work as a springboard for each other,” added Sunaina Singh, also Founder and Director. 

Asked about future plans, Gariba said, “I have always aspired to have my own company and though I was a founding team at my previous company, it wasn’t the same fully. The pandemic has been a blessing in disguise of sorts as it helped me move away from a cushy comfortable space of running an organisation to owning it and running it totally with my partners. I am stoked and very optimistic about the future with the combination that I have put together in the leadership team and cannot wait for the pandemic hues to settle down so that we can go all out to create that spark which we and our clients deserve.” 

Birju Gariba, Hema Hariramani and Sunaina Singh launched Iskra Events & Celebrations in March 2021, with play across weddings and social events, travel and MICE, set design and production.

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