#TechShowcase: Tagglabs’ 10 Years of Innovation and Experience

Industry Watch | July 14, 2021 | Promo Feature


The event Industry faces many challenges every day but stands calm and keeps growing, changing or adapting to change every other day. The most innovative and revolutionary change in the industry has been the advent of technology – not long ago, the event industry got introduced to a new medium of events i.e. digital and virtual. The team at Tagglabs feels proud of the fact that they were amongst the first to evangelise this medium.

Tagglabs stakes its claim to being one of the pioneers of event technology in the Indian event industry, being the first to introduce some of the most innovative and interactive tech-based engagements like RFID integration with social media and the first in the world to have biometrics connected to social media handles.

Tagglabs has always believed in being the trendsetter and doer. While everyone is talking about virtual events, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality today, team Tagglabs reminds us that it had executed Virtual Reality events back in 2012 using live chroma screens at multiple Locations for Vodafone.

More than anything else, the Tagglabs team sees itself as an enabler, the ones who helped agencies and brands migrate to a new way of event management. 

Tagglabs rightfully believes it has been able to set standards and has marked its name in the field of Event Tech. It prides itself on not just being recognised, but also being trusted as a reliable partner when it comes to innovating and delivering the unimaginable.

March 2020, a month that changed the way people live, breathe and work.  As Covid19 wreaked havoc on nations, the entire event industry came crashing down. There was a wave of cancellations and postponements of events. Even as the entire industry turned its attention to the world of virtual events, Tagglabs put all its efforts into delivering the best of tech and virtual solutions to the industry at the time.

Tagglabs was all set to make a mark in the virtual world of events, having spent more than 10 years in the field of experiential event technology and executing over 2500 events on the ground.

The agency recognises that a physical event has its own place and significance, but has been able to successfully replicate the experience on the audience's small screens. There are numerous virtual platforms and engagement portals available, but Tagglabs’ team believes its experience and expertise stand out because it not only knows what needs to be done, but also how to perfectly match expectations.

The key, according to Tagglabs insiders, is to ensure that everyone involved in the event – organisers, clients, guests, speakers and attendees – have a seamless immersive experience that keeps them glued to the screens.

From conferences, kick-off meetings, R&R, partner meetings, to music concerts, stand-up acts, fundraisers and donation events, the agency has produced a diverse range of events.

Some of the key services Tagglabs provides include development of customised platforms, theme-based games, microsites, graphically strong content, customized 3D set designs, polls, live chat and networking.

A diverse set of events also means a diverse range of platforms to meet the needs of its clients. Each platform it offers can be customised and is extremely simple to use. In addition, the team has produced 90 percent of the events remotely as each employee has been working from home except for chroma shoots.

Features like social walls having live social media posts, selfie booths, exchanging business cards, schedule a meeting, group chat, requesting a call back etc. which make the event highly engaging and productive, have aided the user experience.

Tagglabs began by doing virtually focused events and innovating along the way. It was able to put together over 50 odd events per month, and the number of events continued to grow with each passing day. There came a time when only virtual was growing and Tagglabs considered broadening its horizons and venturing into the world of chroma.

Tagglabs is now an agency with an owned chroma studio setup in two cities – Delhi and Mumbai. It has been able to produce over 80 chroma events in the past few months from both its studios.

Some of the biggest events produced by Tagglabs included those for: Flipkart Flipstars, Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 and 2021, Honda Annual Dealer Conference and the Windmill Festival.

In the last few months, Tagglabs has been able to produce over 300 events with over 1500 hours of broadcasting, as well as host over 350 distinguished guests and celebrities from around the world. The longest event held lasted over 70 hours and featured more than 90 speakers.

Some of the brands they have worked with include ICICI, Asian Paints, KMPG, EY, TATA, FLIPKART, Honda, Lakmé, Abbott, Dubai Chamber and DHL.

With 10 Years of innovation and experience, Tagglabs claims to be ready to plan and host events for you. Technology, the need of the hour, is after all its forte.

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Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Tagglabs
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Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/tagglabs/

The outfit now has an owned chroma studio setup in Delhi and Mumbai, allowing it to produce over 80 events in the past few months from both its studios.

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