Glance-Collective Artists JV for Digital Creators to Launch Own Brands

Industry Watch | July 7, 2021 | News

Glance Collective Roposo

Mobile lock-screen content provider and owner of video platform Roposo, Glance, has announced a joint venture with Indian talent management agency and pop culture marketplace Collective Artists Network. The JV Glance Collective will co-create and operate multiple brands in partnership with Indian digital creators including celebrities and social media influencers, informed an official statement.

The new entity will aim to help creators earn revenue through part ownership of the brands, while also giving them access to global markets through Glance and Roposo’s combined user base.

Piyush Shah, Co-founder of InMobi; and President and COO of Glance, said, “Glance Collective is a synergy of strengths. It will give creators entrepreneurial opportunities at a large scale in producing successful consumer brands. We are creating a unique ecosystem for creator-led, discovery-based LIVE commerce, and are confident that our partnership with Collective will make us leaders in this rapidly growing market.”

Vijay Subramaniam, Group CEO and Co-Founder, Collective Artists Network, said, "Glance Collective is dedicated to influencers at its very core. It will be a legitimate house of influencer brands, with the potential to bolster the monetization strength of the influencer economy and pop culture via commerce. Our joint value proposition will effectively benefit both the end consumer and an ever-growing community of influencers.”

Mansi Jain, General Manager, Roposo and Commerce at Glance, said, “There are hundreds of creators who have a large following, but do not have the resources to launch their own brands. Glance Collective will enable such creators to build labels that reflect their identity. There is no platform in the country that is currently doing this at such a scale.”

Earlier this month, Glance had announced that it would acquire e-commerce firm Shop101, as part of its foray into influencer and celebrity-driven mobile commerce. A statement added that the end-to-end supply chain and technology platform gained through the acquisition will be leveraged for operational support to Glance Collective.

To co-create product labels with celebrities and creators; will leverage Glance and Roposo to drive brands globally.

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