#EventEducationFestival: Creating Content-full Weddings to Lead the Event Industry

Industry Watch | July 2, 2021 | News

Event Education Festival Prateek Tandon Ninad Nerkar Megha Israni Photography Parthip Thyagarajan

Whistling Woods International School of Event Management kick-started the second edition of Event Education Festival on 01 July 2021. 

Under the ‘Curating an Eventful Tomorrow’, day one saw a panel discussion on ‘How are weddings going to lead the event industry?’

Prateek Tandon, Co-Founder & Director, Copper Events; Megha R Israni, Director, Israni Photography & Signature Films; and Ninad Nerkar, Creative Director, Flinters Management were in conversation with moderator Parthip Thyagarajan, CEO, WeddingSutra.

The session discussed wedding trends in 2021-’22. Panelists noted that while the world stopped, weddings didn't, and discussed how the pandemic affected the industry that ‘never sleeps’. New adaptations for Covid times were also a part of the conversation. 

Speakers discussed how to prepare for the upcoming boom and future of this industry – keeping safety, security and comfort of audiences in consideration. They also touched upon alternative sources of avenues of income, evolving expectations and the employment weddings are expected to generate.

Create Content-full Weddings 

Talking about some wedding trends in 2021-’22, Tandon said, “Current situation has taught us so much that we need to be thinking totally differently. We used to do 500-people weddings one after the other and many times, there have been weeks where we have done two or three big weddings. But now the numbers have changed. So it's 50, 100, 200 people – it is just 50 it will be 100 200 in November, December when things open up. At that point of time, it has to be more intimate, more creative, more content-full weddings, where people are just calling 200 people and each of the 200 people is getting an experience that they will be taking back. We have to be more creative, while pitching any kind of event.”

Manage the Guest List 

Israni added, “I think the wedding industry has seen a great shift where intimate weddings have come into play. The next one year honestly is going to be fantastic. India is known for the kind of weddings that we've done. At several properties with 75-people weddings, people are still having artistes, people are going all out, people haven't stopped the celebration, no one is doing a one-day wedding. I think the opportunities are larger. I have seen people very rightly dividing their guest list at events and I think that, from a wedding planner perspective, is a great idea to offer your clients.”

She explained that if one had 500 people to invite, one could divide them into five groups and map guests to the events on offer. 

Wedding Industry is Happiness Industry

“When you join the wedding industry, you are joining the happiness industry. You are not visiting or you're not working at a wedding venue; you are working in a venue which is going to be all about good energy. If this is the industry you want to be in and you want to make your career in, be prepared for challenges. Because the people here with us, yes, they've all made themselves successful but it's not always a bed of roses. You have to work hard, luck plays a role, and of course, talent and hard work,” surmised Thyagarajan.


Prateek Tandon of Copper Events, Megha Israni of Israni Photography and Ninad Nerkar of Flinters Management were in conversation with moderator Parthip Thyagarajan of WeddingSutra.

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