IPRS and Dolby Lab Launch #KnowYourMusic Campaign to Commemorate World Music Day

Industry Watch | June 21, 2021 | News

IPRS Dolby Laboratories

On the occasion of World Music Day (21 June), India’s copyright society representing composers, lyricists and publishers, The Indian Performing Right Society Limited (IPRS), has announced a tie-up with Dolby Laboratories.

With the US-headquartered global audio tech major, IPRS is launching a campaign themed ‘KnowYourMusic’ to highlight multiple genres of Indian music and create a more engaged audience.

The campaign kicks off with a panel discussion at 5pm on 21 June with Atul Churamani, Managing Director, Turnkey Music & Publishing; Shantanu Moitra, National Award-winning Indian music composer; Hemjit Maloo, Director, Veena Music; Indian folk musician Abha Hanjura; and Abhinav Agarwal, Founder, Director Anahad Foundation. The session will be moderated by lyricist, screenwriter and actor Mayur Puri.

Through the initiative, IPRS would be enrolling over 100 folk artistes, who are lyricists and composers, as its members. It will also witness participation from Anahad Foundation to reach out to the segment of folk music creators who have been left unnoticed and unexplored.

Rakesh Nigam, CEO, IPRS, said, “With this campaign, IPRS aims to initiate a transformation in the way people are consuming music, thus making music just not a passive consumption habit but a work of art and creation that audience would take notice of and love to engage with. Through the wide-ranging performances and sessions every month, IPRS looks forward to educating the audience on different styles of songs and music and the stories behind their creation. The more the audiences know about the music they are listening to, the more informed decision they will make.”

“Folk music has always been a powerful part of our historic and ongoing domestic repertoire for ages now. In recent times we have seen huge examples of folk tunes being used in the mainstream like Badshah & Payal Dev in Genda Phool that just took the folk sound to the next level. I have huge confidence that this is a beginning of a resurgence of homegrown music that has great cultural relevance in the global music scene,” added Devraj Sanyal, MD & CEO, India & South Asia, Universal Music Group.

Javed Akhtar, Chairman, IPRS, said, “Enriched over millennia, Indian music has always stood out by its vast cultural diversity. Music styles like Folk, Ghazal, Devotional, Instrumental, etc. have been presented by the music creators in unison to celebrate life, love, joy, loss, and the human condition. However, we have realized that a vast number of today’s audiences have limited exposure and knowledge of these styles of music and their creators. It is time we purposefully indulge in music and help to build a community of a more engaged audience, thus fuelling a flourishing future for music and its creators. To address this crucial concern IPRS has initiated the #KNOWYOURMUSIC campaign to unfold the rich musical heritage of India and simultaneously create a forum to initiate engagement with music.”

Registrations for the panel discussion can be done here

Intent is to celebrate multiple genres of Indian music leading to greater engagement; IPRS will enrol over 100 folk lyricists and composers as its members at launch.

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