Vaccination Drives will Move Us Towards ‘Post Pandemic Boom’: Dhanraj Madnani

Industry Watch | June 11, 2021 | Interview

LiquidSpear Experiences Dhanraj Madnani Pali Hill Residents Associations (PHRA)

The Pali Hill Residents Associations (PHRA) was in the news recently for organising a Covid19 vaccination drive for its residents. The ‘event agency’ mentioned in the article was Mumbai-based LiquidSpear Experiences, an agency that was born in April 2020. 

The agency was paid Rs 36,000 to manage the two-day drive that drew 1,000 registrants, informed reports. PHRA collected Rs 1,400 per dose from people.

EVENTFAQS Media reached out to Dhanraj Madnani, Founder and CEO, LiquidSpear Experiences, to trace the journey of the company, its recent collaboration with PHRA and future initiatives, over an e-mailed interaction.

In a social media post on the vaccination drive, you mentioned a dream that started at the outset of the pandemic last year. How has the LiquidSpear experience been,so far?

How was the experience of executing a vaccination drive for Pali Hill Residents Association?

I started LiquidSpear Experiences in April 2020 with a dream of being able to create an experiential marketing agency that would also be able to branch out into brand communication and content creation at a large. Little did I know that live events and MICE, the sectors I had about a decade worth of experience in, would take a back seat and not just for a short period of time. After lazing around for a couple of months with the excuse of the pandemic in my subconscious, I had two choices in front of me. One would be to give up on my dream of being an entrepreneur. The second would be to diversify the organisation into providing services that would push me out of my comfort zone, but would help me fuel various other aspects of marketing that I was passionate about. It is then that I decided, towards the latter part of 2020, to get into brand development, design and digital marketing.

I am proud to say that we have successfully been able to create a portfolio of clientele that work with us for their daily design and digital needs. Finally, at the onset of 2021, I was really excited about the opening of lockdown and the slow fade of the pandemic. It brought in multiple queries for live events of various sorts from weddings and social events to corporate events and exhibitions. But the excitement was short-lived and we were brought back to a position of defence and ultimately damage control. The one thing that was here to stay was the fight towards the pandemic and our only struggle as an industry, was to really remain relevant during such a time. Here is when we got the opportunity to work along with the Pali Hill Residents Association on a vaccination drive for their residents and close ones. We are proud to say that we received a roaring response of 1,000 registrants which was higher than the original requirement of 800 doses that we had requested from SL Raheja Hospital.

How did the consortium between LiquidSpear Experiences and PHRA come through to launch the initiative? Please share the details.

Once PHRA had an approval from the state authority to work towards a private vaccination drive for its residents, they started with spreading the word around about something coming up. I heard about the drive and was lucky to have seen it as an opportunity to showcase the functions of an experiential marketing agency and its relevance in putting together an assembly, whether it be for entertainment, health or any other given motive. This is where both organisations came together to create a vaccination drive that was process driven and that would prove to be a breeze for the registrant, no matter the demographic or socio-economic class.

When do you see the overall events industry opening up and moving back on track? What is your new approach towards events?

I don't really think anyone can put a guaranteed date or even an approximate period of time as to when the situation in the world will come back on track completely. However, we can be hopeful that initiatives like residential, corporate and government vaccination drives will help us create a better immunity for the people,  which will in turn help us fight the pandemic and meticulously yet forcefully move towards the 'Post Pandemic Boom'. As an organisation, we are focusing on the present instead of predicting a future, finding ways to reach out to various types of consumers and educating them about the skillsets of event managers and how we can contribute to the larger picture. Last but not the least, we want to expand our horizons by learning new skills that would complement our existing ones.

Share some insights on the milestone events/services that LiquidSpear Experiences has executed in the past few months. What are your future plans?

I think the biggest milestone for us as an organization is to be able to do the things we love. We're a multi-faceted marketing startup that is lucky to be successful in various sectors like design, brand and communication, events, digital marketing and much more. We are catering to clientele from F&B, lifestyle, sports, non-profit and a few others. All in all, we think that every moment is a milestone when you do the things you're passionate about and we want to continue doing so. I'm eagerly waiting for the experiential marketing industry to soar again, and at the same time, am enjoying the path of creative growth that is taking me to a few other aspects along the way.

What are the other initiatives or activations you have planned for the near future through LiquidSpear Experiences that will bring about collaborations and opportunities in the larger experiential / events industry?

I'd hate to count my eggs before they hatch. But to say the least, we are working on a few IPs in the health and fitness space along with a few exciting collaborations. These should help us move back to experiential marketing with health and wellness being at the top of the priority list.

LiquidSpear Experiences was born in April 2020. We ask its founder to trace the journey of the company and its recent vaccination drive for a residents association in Mumbai.

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