Nominees of Mettle: The Art Project by Woot Factor for HDFC Bank

Industry Watch | June 2, 2021 | News

HDFC Bank Mettle Awards WOOT Factor

The inaugural edition of EVENTFAQS Mettle Awards was announced in early 2021 to honour exemplary achievements by those in events and experiential marketing in 2020, the first year of the Covid19-induced lockdown.

The Art Project by Woot Factor for HDFC Bank has been nominated in the category of Mettle - Virtual Event.

Providing a window of relief during the lockdown at scale through art, The Art Project attracted over 3 lakh registrations and over 45 lakh voters, at an effective CPC of Rs.2.  

The Mettle Awards ceremony, which was repeatedly postponed due to the pandemic, stands cancelled and organisers have decided to refrain from announcing winners, deeming such a celebration inappropriate in the current times.

Shortlisted nominees are being announced on

The Art Project has been nominated in the category of Virtual Event at the inaugural Mettle Awards to honour the event industry’s lockdown heroes.

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