Kestone Adds Feature to Virtual Events Platform to Assist Dyslexic, Visually Impaired

Industry Watch | May 26, 2021 | News


Kestone has announced the addition of an accessibility and interactivity feature to its virtual events platform to support disability inclusion.

With the assistive technology feature, Kestone believes those with disabilities such as visual impairment and dyslexia can be provided an equally immersive digital event experience.

The development comes at a time when virtual events have become mainstream as a result of the ongoing Covid19 pandemic.

Piyush Gupta, President, Kestone, said, “The need for a disability-inclusive business culture is highly critical to help voice the talent and skills of persons with disabilities (PWDs), the underrepresented community in the corporate world, which constitutes not even 0.5 percent of employees in India’s top companies. Social isolation, insufficient job opportunities, and financial uncertainty have already taken a major toll on them during the pandemic. Kestone has always assessed and added new-age tech features on its virtual event platform. The addition of Assistive Tech will help the dyslexic and the visually impaired gain more immersive experience, navigate the event schedule with more ease, and make corporate virtual events more inclusive. The presence of such disability-friendly virtual events will surely encourage innovation, talent, and a sense of equality across industries.” 

Move will help disabled navigate event schedules with more ease and make corporate virtual events more inclusive, says President Piyush Gupta.

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