Covid19 2.0: We shouldn’t be at the back of the line again – Clayton Fernandes

Industry Watch | April 26, 2021 | Feature

Clayton Fernandes OnStage Experiences LLP

Just as in-person events were limping back, there has been a fresh Covid19 wave and attendant restrictions are in place in different parts of India. EVENTFAQS Media reached out to industry stakeholders to get their view of the current situation and understand their approach to it.

We asked: Is the event industry better prepared now to face the challenge, than it was a year ago? Is there a case for government assistance to the event industry? What should the industry seek?

Here is what Clayton Fernandes, Partner, OnStage Productions, had to say:

I do believe so (that the industry is better prepared now). The industry is experienced enough to provide a safe environment to run physical events following necessary Covid19 protocols. As lockdown-type situations are looming once again, the industry's preparedness to handle online events has moved up many notches from a year ago.”

“A lot of agencies have adapted to the virtual model, offering virtual solutions as means to conduct events and live engagement. The beginning of last year has been an immense learning and unlearning of the old ways. Virtual tech resources are more known now than a year ago, helping agencies offer clients a variety of virtual solutions married with great content to provide a rich online experience.” 

“The entertainment and live events industry is always the first to shut. We just started coming out of it and once again it feels like we’ve hit a roadblock.”

“As soon as other industries open this time, we should urge the Government to start with physical events. We shouldn’t be at the back of the line again.”

EVENTFAQS Media reached out to industry stakeholders to ask if the event industry is better prepared for the second wave and attendant restrictions on events across the country.

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