EntNetwrk Social Network to Connect Entertainers, Help Aspiring Talent

Industry Watch | April 19, 2021 | News


Deepansh Malhotra, an entertainment enthusiast, and Harshit Malhotra, Director, D&D Shoponline, have announced the launch of EntNetwrk, a social networking app to connect entertainers.

The platform aims to bring the world of entertainers under one roof, to explore opportunities either virtually or on location. The intent is to allow geography-agnostic collaboration.

Budding entertainers can network with experts in the entertainment industry through the app, which also allows them to showcase their talent. For aspiring entertainers, EntNetwrk works as a virtual talent manager and coach, informed an official statement.

Users can upload film scripts, lyrics, screenplay, poems etc., through Creative Corner, which is a feature on the mobile application. The app will screen samples and after scrutiny share the selected content with production houses, music producers and studios.

Deepansh Malhotra, Founder, EntNetwrk, said, “This platform is the key to revolutionize the entertainment sector. I have seen many talented youngsters give up, due to lack of right people connection in the entertainment industry. There was a need in the industry and the idea was born to help people start their own journey with a dedicated platform, which facilitates their connection with the industry stalwarts. With EntNetwrk, we aim to bridge the gap by streamlining talent acquisition and networking in the entertainment fraternity.”

“For those who are still struggling with their entertainment journey or aspires to pursue their talent professionally, EntNetwrk is a unique platform in the industry. We aim at providing equal and better opportunities to everyone. It also offers great opportunities and features to businesses in and around entertainment willing to expand,” said Harshit Malhotra, Co-founder, EntNetwrk.

EntNetwrk has 45 entertainment categories to choose from. The free app is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Budding entertainers can network with experts through the networking app that also allows them to showcase their talent.

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