95pc Turnout at First KEMA General Body Elections, Amit Singla is President

Industry Watch | April 15, 2021 | News


The Karnataka Event Management Association (KEMA) organised its second Annual General Body Meeting and its first General Body Elections on 8 April 2021 at The Leela Palace, Bengaluru.

The event witnessed 95pc voting with over 50 event managers voting in person and others voting online. The event was organised taking all precautions of Covid19 norms.

Elected office bearers are:

President: Amit Singla, Scotch and Innovations

Vice President-1 (Social Events): Srikant Kanoi, Ethereal Celebration Management

Vice President-2 (Corporate Events): Ashish Daga, Beep Experience Management

General Secretary: Pradeep Naik, Fuel Media Solutions

Treasurer: Zubair Abdul Waheed, Zzeeh Productions

Amit Singla, President, KEMA, said, “I am absolutely delighted to see the response from the event industry of Karnataka as a whole. What started as a small group of people 30 months ago, has now got more than 80 event management companies registered and is going strong. Our aim is to collaborate and to address all issues faced by event companies including licensing, start-ups, venues, legal, etc. The first two year has been very satisfying and we, as event management companies, did great work together. I am glad to be elected president and wish to give my full support for the cause and purpose of the association.”

“We as an industry might be down and out, we might be fallen today, we might be shaken today but we know how to fight the challenges and adversities. We will bounce back to engage and entertain you like never before. My only request to our Karnataka Government is if they can allow vaccination for our industry workers and employees, we will be able to open safe events really soon!” he added. 

Srikant Kanoi, Vice President, KEMA, added, “I on behalf of the new team would like to convey our gratitude to our earlier team for the humongous work carried out by them over the past couple of years. In the same breath we want to thank our members who have voted us to these coveted positions of responsibility. A strong foundation is the minimum need for a towering performance, and to achieve this we are going to open associate membership to all connected with our Industry. A unified strong voice is the need of the hour, and the team would diligently work towards the same. We are determined to take KEMA to new heights and at the same time be more empathetic and inclusive towards all our members.”

The newly elected Secretary of KEMA, Pradeep Naik, said, “The voting percentage of the Annual General Body Meeting Elections was 95 percent which is a benchmark created and reinstates the belief of event managers in KEMA. The members of KEMA have been standing for each other in these times of uncertainty and these are the values and principles we as KEMA wish to impart to event management companies that register under us. The association has come a long way despite the pandemic. It began its journey with a handful of event management companies a couple of years ago and since has come a long way. Currently, with over 80 registered general body members, along with having regular meetings every month, the association has grown from strength to strength. From taking care of its members and vendors, and addressing the disputes that are likely to arise, to assisting members in helping them run their businesses, KEMA has done it all. Chartered accountants, lawyers and company secretaries form an integral part of KEMA including HR services and other important functions required to successfully and smoothly run the business.”

The newly elected executive committee of KEMA has vowed to take immediate action to help revive event managers from the current situation, keep them motivated and boost confidence in the market for physical events.

KEMA to open associate membership to ‘all connected with industry’; newly elected EC vows immediate action to help event managers and boost confidence for physical events.

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