Jagran Lakecity University Announces Six-month Virtual Carnival

Entertainment | April 14, 2021 | News

Bhopal’s Jagran Lakecity University (JLU) has announced a six-month virtual student carnival ‘JLU Carnival’ starting April 2021. By hosting the fest, JLU said it aims to reinvent the way university fests are occasioned and attended in the wake of pandemic-induced restrictions.

JLU Carnival is an open-to-all event and will host six celebrities. The first session on 2 April was hosted with students interacting with Kochi-based band ‘When Chai Met Toast’ on Zoom. The organising team received more than 500 registrations within two days of sending out the link.

In upcoming sessions, celebrities across various domains such as stand-up comedian Devesh, actor Ranvijay, comedian Gaurav Kapoor, singers Shilpa Rao and Anand Bhaskar will perform for the students at the JLU carnival in the coming months.

Abhishek Mohan Gupta, Pro Vice Chancellor, JLU, said, “In the pre-pandemic era, students used to wait excitedly for college fests to take place. But in the current scenario, hosting in-person (live) events is neither safe nor practical. Therefore, we had two options in front of us: either forego every college fest this year or hold it virtually. We chose the latter and are really excited by the positive response and support expressed by our students. The organising committee of JLU Carnival consisting of student representatives, faculty members, and university admins, unanimously agreed in favour of organizing a virtual carnival.”

A series of alternate student engagement activities is being planned by JLU to give the students a break from the monotony of studying at home. The committee will also host celebrities on JLU’s in-house digital radio station ‘Lakecity Live’ every second Saturday.

Dr. Sandeep Shastri, Vice ChancellorJagran Lakecity University, said, “JLU is the crucible where future innovators and leaders are forged. In light of this, we realised that a change in perspective was in order. Instead of indefinitely postponing our plans on account of the adversity which cannot be said with certainty that it will let up anytime soon, we decided that we will consider the pandemic-led challenges as a trial by fire for us and our students.” 

By hosting the fest for students, JLU says it aims to reinvent the way university fests are occasioned and attended in the wake of pandemic-induced restrictions.

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