Blink Digital Executes 9,000-ft Freefall for Mid-air OnePlus 9 Pro Unboxing Campaign for Amazon

Marketing | March 26, 2021 | News

Blink Digital Amazon OnePlus 9 Pro

Digital agency Blink Digital conceptualised and executed an out-of-the-box unboxing video campaign for popular mobile brand, OnePlus 9 Pro. The campaign was designed by Blink for e-commerce platform Amazon, retailer for the phone.

Blink Digital shot the unboxing video of the new OnePlus 9 Pro as a professional sky-diver was making a free fall from 9,000 ft for the unique unboxing experience. This showcased OnePlus 9 pro’s Hasselblad camera, the iconic camera that was used for moon landing 50+ years ago.

Rikki Agarwal, Co-Founder and COO of Blink Digital, said “The Internet is filled with unboxing videos, and not all are very different from one another. When the Amazon team briefed us on the launch of the OnePlus 9 series, we wanted to create a truly unique and clutter-breaking unboxing video. Taking a cue from the ‘Never Settle’ brand communication of the OnePlus brand, we wanted to crack an idea that stretches the limit and creates the bar high. And voila, that's how we got the idea of unboxing the OnePlus 9 Pro at 9000 ft.”

“When I received a call sometime in early March for unboxing a phone in the skies, I wasn't sure if this was executable. But after experimenting with the box and understanding the technicalities, I decided to give it a go. It was definitely challenging but at the same time it was super fun as this was a very unique project. Thanks a lot to Blink Digital and Amazon India for trusting us on this project!” Sajid Chougle, professional sky-diver, added.

For a unique unboxing experience, Blink Digital went to 9000 ft above the ground and unboxed the all-new OnePlus 9 Pro mid-air to make the most of its Hasselblad camera feature.

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